Monday, November 30, 2009

Confession Number One: I'm not sure about this blogging thing

When I was a teenager my mom would find notes left in jean pockets or a random journal entry here or there and do the unthinkable.....she would read them. The notes would normally be found neatly folded next to the washing machine. When confronted with an angry teenager, who thought that her privacy had just been betrayed, mom had a simple, matter of fact response. "If something is written in my house, I will read it." She followed it up with a shrug and "that's why I don't write anything down". After about the second episode of mom reading my deepest darkest secrets I learned to never write down something you didn't want everyone to know.

As I have grown older, I have forgotten that Rule to Live By a time or two. Like the time I smarted off about my boss to a coworker via email. That wasn't smart. Or when I make out my Christmas list with Dustin's gifts written down then leave it on the counter. Wasn't using my brain. I'm really hoping this blogging thing isn't one of those things. I really want this to be a fun way for me to be creative and have some fun. Besides, it is a great way to communicate. I have a friend from college who has done a great job using her blog to keep people up to speed with her life. And I'm pretty sure it has been therapeutic for her, too. I'm sure some of my "confessions" will be serious, some will be silly and some will be difficult for me to write about. So, if you are ready for some laughs, and possibly a few tears, check back from time to time. You never know what you'll find.