Sunday, September 16, 2012

Confession Number 101: I'm 6 Months Late- Little Man Birthday Bash

Considering most of my readers are mothers, I know you will understand my tardiness.  I know you also have hundreds of pictures hanging out in virtual space that you have taken and done nothing with.  I know you do.  Don't you?  Once again, I turn to you to validate my motherly short comings.  Now, almost 6 months late, I finally find myself going through the pictures from Cole's Little Man 1st Birthday party.  It was an awesome party, if I do say so myself.  It is always fun to experience those 1 year ago discussions in the days leading up to my kid's birthdays.  I must say, with all of the drama in getting him here safe and sound, those days were even more special.  With no further delay, here is a sneak peak into my little man's special day!

From his entry into this big world, people have said Cole just looks like a little old man.  I think it is his hair.  He may have set a record for hair cuts in the first year at 8!!!  With that being a common statement about him, we decided to have a Little Man Birthday Bash, complete with mustaches and neckties!
This was our center table.  All of my printables came from Gretchen at Three Little Monkeys Studio.  She was wonderful to work with!  We served pulled pork and ribs from the Mayor of Grove himself, Marty Follis.  It was scrumptous, as usual!  We also had fresh fruits and veggies and chips and dip.
His cakes were adorable!  All of our cakes are done by Julie Smith at Tasty Creations by Julie.  She is spectacular! 

It was so much fun to put together Cole's first year in photos.  Bless him, he truly is a second child.  I just don't have the mass quantity of pictures of him that I do when KJ was this age.  I must say, the garland was one of my favorite parts of his party!  And when you are born in mid-March you will pretty much always celebrate your birthday with March Madness in the background.  Luckily, I don't think he will mind!
He found his favorite present pretty early.
Sadly, that little orange football recently died at the teeth of Bella, our puppy.  Baaaad Bella......

He didn't really understand why everyone was singing at him.  Poor guy!
He got over it pretty quickly though!!
All done!!!
Happy Birthday, Little Man!
We love you!!