What's For Dinner

Gluten Free Week 1
We have made the decision to go (mostly) gluten free in 2014.  That being said I feel like I need to say we do not have a gluten allergy or celiac disease.  We are simply doing this for overall health and behavioral benefits.  I am not too worried about cutting out "sneaky gluten", just the obvious sources.  As you look at my menus, you will see a few trends.  We tend to be low dairy.  We've worked on that for awhile.  We have 1 serving or so a day.  Also, I'm not obsessed with cutting out everything good and fun.  We will eat regular pork sausage.  I will fry the occasional food.  That's just the way I roll.  I'm a working mother of 3.  I need to fall back on convenience foods from time to time.  I'm just trying to make better choices on those foods.  Here was my plan for the week (I'm including breakfast and lunch, if I can remember):

Sunday:  Dinner- Beef Tacos, Rice and Beans
Monday:  Breakfast- GF Oatmeal and scrambled eggs, Lunch- Taco leftovers, Dinner- Grilled Pork Chops, Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans
Tuesday:  Breakfast- Banana Oat Chocolate Chip Muffins and pears, Lunch- Pepperoni, GF crackers, cheese, carrots and oranges,  Dinner- GF pizza from Mazzio's
Wednesday:  Breakfast- Chex Cereal and fruit Lunch- GF Crackers with Peanut Butter, veggies and fruit, Dinner- Chicken Tortilla Soup
Thursday:  Breakfast- Van's GF Waffles, yogurt, sausage and fruit, Lunch- Chicken Salad and GF Crackers, veggies and fruit, Dinner- Bistro Chicken, salad and garlic mashed potatoes
Friday:  Breakfast- Yogurt Parfaits, Lunch- smoked sausage, cheese and olives, carrots and fruit, Dinner- out on the road with Dad
Saturday- Out of town

May 14th Menu
It seems as if Tuesday is as good as it is going to get on putting the menus on the blog.  I hope it still gives you some meal ideas.  The meal planning helps me keep on track throughout the week and Dustin loves to know what is for dinner before heading out for lunch.  This week's schedule is a little wonky, but I think we are still in store for some pretty yummy goodness.

Sunday- Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread
Monday- Chicken Quesadillas with Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Tuesday- Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Homemade Blue Cheese Spread and Sweet Potato Fries
Wednesday- Steak, Roasted Asparagus, Baked Potatoes
Thursday- Grilled Chicken Kabobs with Long Grain and Wild Rice and Grilled Veggies
Friday- Graduation Reception for our nephew, Joe.
Saturday- Dinner in Enid or in Tulsa on the way back from Enid

May 8th Menu
So, it is time to get back in the groove of everything that was our life pre kid number two.  Per Dustin's request, this includes meal planning.  I really do love not having to think about dinner every afternoon, but getting it done and getting to the store has proven difficult.  So, I'm late, but deal with it.  :)

Sunday- Spaghetti with bread (from the freezer)
Monday- Poppy Seed Chicken, Green Beans, Bread
Tuesday- Ribs, Mac and Cheese, Veggies with Ranch Dip (Dustin bringing home and take out)
Wednesday- Cattleman's in OKC (yum, yum, yum!!!!!)
Thursday- Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Asparagus and Red Skinned Potatoes
Friday- Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread
Saturday- Iced Tea Brined Chicken, Roasted Asparagus, Long Grain and Wild Rice

March 6th Menu
Things are seemingly back to normal after all of our pregnancy drama around here.  That means Momma is back to cooking.  This week is somewhat ambitious.  We'll see how well I do!

Sunday- Grilled Pork Chops, Green Beans, Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Monday- Southwest Chicken Salad
Tuesday- Pasta half and half, Salad, Bread
Wednesday- Bistro Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fried Okra
Thursday- Possible Dinner with Friends, or YoYo
Friday- Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potato Fries
Saturday- Chili served with Fritos and Hot Dogs- a perfect meal for a day full of basketball watching!

I'm sure we'll have tons of "tournament food" next week with March Madness creeping up on us.  I see a dip party in our future..........

February 13th Menu
After a week of freezing our booties off and eating from my stock pile and freezer stash, the whole Matthews clan is ready to get back on a good eating schedule.  The freezer is, once again, a little low, but we'll work on that in the weeks to come.  I think we have all had enough soup and stew to last us for a couple of weeks!  Luckily, this week we will be celebrating sunshine and warmer weather and my menu shows it!!

Sunday- Supper Club with our church Life Group
Monday- Dinner out for C and D for Valentine's Day.  KJ picked Dairy Queen for her Vday meal with the sitter.
Tuesday- Chicken Parm Sandwiches, Italian Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus
Wednesday- Oriental Chicken Salad
Thursday- Mom at MOPS, KJ with Weezie and Papa Lynn and Dustin is on his own
Friday- Weezie and Papa Lynn are still here, so we'll probably go out somewhere
Saturday- Homemade pizza with carrot sticks and fruit

January 30th Menu
I really hope they are wrong.  I really, really hope they are wrong.  Friday we were in OKC, with highs hovering around 80 degrees.  This Wednesday the high is forecasted around 18 degrees with a predicted 10-15" of ice/snow in our neck of the woods.  I made a trip to Wal-Mart this morning to stock up on a few essentials.  Unfortunately, everyone else in the 4 states area was there, also.  I am looking foward to some yummy comfort foods over the next few days.  Here is hoping the power stays on!!!

Sunday- snacks after a big breakfast and lunch
Monday- Creamy Taco Mac with Guacamole and Salad
Tuesday- Chicken and Noodles with Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Green Beans
Wednesday- French Dip Sandwiches with Peppers and Carrots and Chips
Thursday- Leftovers or something from the freezer stash
Friday- Homemade Pizza with Carrot Sticks
Saturday- Dustin & I are enjoying a brand new place in town, KJ will be with a sitter

January 23rd Menu
Ahh.  Finally it is starting to warm up a little bit around here.  Rumor has it we'll have a day in the 50's by the end of the week!  I don't know if I'll be able to stand it!!  I am excited because this is a somewhat short cooking week for us due to some events here in town and a trip to the farm that is LONG overdue.  We also had some carry over from last week due to some plain pregnant lady laziness...and an impromtu get together.  Here is how I'm thinking it will all shake out....

Sunday- Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches with Peppers, Carrots and Pickles
Monday- Bistro Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad
Tuesday- Spaghetti with Salad and Bread
Wednesday- Omelets with Silver Dollar Pancakes and Fruit
Thursday- United Way Chocolate Affair (who wouldn't want chocolate for dinner?)
Friday- Dinner at the farm
Saturday- Dinner at the farm

January 16th Menu
My freezer is starting to look a little better.  It is becoming very well stocked for those tired or busy nights that are looming in my future.  It's amazing how little time it takes to either divide a recipe into two dishes, one for freezing, or to double the recipe to throw some in the freezer.  It is really silly that I don't cook this way more often.  This week I'm hoping to keep building up my freezer stash and to use up some of the ingredients I've stockpiled over the past couple of months.  We'll see how successful I am. 

Sunday- Ruby's Chicken with Bread and Butter (half goes in the freezer)
Monday- Dinner out in Rogers, AR with KJ and Dustin
Tuesday- Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas with Guac and Black Beans
Wednesday- Bistro Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad
Thursday- I have MOPS, Dustin and KJ are having sandwiches with chips and veggies
Friday-Roasted Tomato Soup with Salad and Bread (any leftovers to the freezer)
Saturday- Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches with Peppers, Carrots and Pickles

January 9th Menu
So today marks week 27 in my pregnancy, and that sure is having an impact on my menu planning.  I want to start stocking back up my freezer before that third trimester tiredness kicks me in the tail.  I've really hit my freezer stash pretty hard and I want to have some easy meals ready for when I just don't want to cook or for after Baby Brother gets here.  So this week I'm hoping to make like a squirrel and stash a few nuts away for later.

Sunday- Stew and Cornbread  (Dustin makes the stew in our house and it is sooooo yummy!)
Monday- Taco Pie with Salsa, Sour Cream and Guacamole (hoping 1/2 will go in the freezer)
Tuesday- Chili with Fritos and toppings (also hoping for a freezer portion)
Wednesday- Baked Penne with Salad and Bread
Thursday-Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Carrot and Bell Pepper Sticks
Friday- YoYo--- leftovers, sandwiches or eat out
Saturday-Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza with Carrot Sticks

January 2nd Menu
Whew!  The holidays have come and gone and after a week plus on the road, we are finally planted back at home.  Hopefully getting back into a routine won't be as hard as I'm afraid.  After absolutely stuffing ourselves at numerous Christmas celebrations, we are trying to pair down and eat a little healthier this week.  We'll see how it goes!

Sunday- Pasta Half and Half (my go to when I'm tired)
Monday- Southwest Chicken Quesadillas with Corn and Black Bean Salsa and Guac
Tuesday- Loaded Omelets with waffles
Wednesday- Roasted Garlic and Chipotle BBQ Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans
Thursday- Crock Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots and Cottage Cheese
Friday- Grilled Steak, Salad, Corn and Rolls
Saturday- Dinner Out (thinking about heading to a "city" to find KJ a new bed)

December 12th Menu
I am finally sitting down to share my menu for the week.  We had a busy day yesterday celebrating Dustin's birthday and I spent today with some wonderful girlfriends making some delicious sweetness.  Hopefully, I'll be able to share some of my favorite recipes for the season with you this week.  I have a handful that I turn to year after year and a couple of new ones that I think are keepers. 

Sunday- On our way back from OKC, snacking all the way!
Monday- Dustin's Birthday!  Chalupas (Mexican Pulled Pork Nachos) with tons of toppings
Tuesday- Pasta Half and Half with Salad and Bread
Wednesday- Steak, PW's Mac and Cheese and Spinach Salad
Thursday- Dinner out before heading to the Christmas Train!
Friday- Homemade Pizza or dinner out while shopping
Saturday- Christmas Party!

December 5th Menu
The craziness of the Christmas season has me back to menu planning.  Our crazy schedules over the next few weeks have me needing to plan when we are eating at home and when we'll be somewhere else and what we need to take where.  Pair that with Dustin is back to coaching his little boy basketball team and is at practice two nights a week and we have a crazy dinner scenerio for the next few months.  Hopefully I can stick with posting it here on the blog for all of you to see!

Sunday- Chili (dogs or Frito pies)
Monday- Crab Cakes, Salad and Baked Potatoes
Tuesday- MOPS Christmas Dinner (I'm taking Spinach Artichoke Dip with crusty french bread and tortilla chips)
Wednesday- Chicken Tortilla Casserole with Guac and Black Beans
Thursday- French Dip Sandwiches with Carrot Sticks and Chips
Friday- OKC Christmas Party (Not sure what I'm taking since it will need to travel)
Saturday- OKC Christmas Party (Ditto the above statement)

September 12th Menu
I'm finally back to menu planning.  After a few weeks of evening pregnancy nausea, and a horrible aversion to raw meat, I'm finally feeling more like myself and feel like cooking regularly again.  Dustin and KJ couldn't be happier!  They were getting tired of Pizza Hut and Mazzio's!  After researching for some inspiration, I actually have some things already planned for next week, too!  Welcome back to "What's for Dinner"....

Sunday- Fajitas at a friend's house for Dallas Cowboy football
Monday- Southwest Chicken Salad
Tuesday- Breakfast (waffles and loaded scrambled eggs)
Wednesday- Roast with potatoes and carrots with green beans and cottage cheese
Thursday- Mom is at MOPS (I'm making a veggie pizza for a side dish).  KJ and Daddy are having Ruby's Chicken from the freezer stash with leftover green beans.
Friday- Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce with salad and bread
Saturday- Tailgate party @ OSU.  Menu TBD
Sunday- Stuffed Bell Peppers

July 25th Menu
Ahh.  We are nice and relaxed after an awesome family vacation to San Antonio.  We had some great food, which is one of my requirements in a vacation.  Fajitas, lots of guacamole, BJ's Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  Mmmmm, you name it, we had it.  It was all delicious, but I'm ready for a week in detox!  My heart is begging me for some lighter fare, but my BIG birthday is this week, so we'll do everything in moderation.  Sounds good, right?

Sunday- Something out on our way home
Monday- Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadilla with Black Beans and Guacamole (because we didn't get enough in Texas)
Tuesday- Dinner with our church crowd, our contribution is Beer Butt Chicken and Oriental Slaw (I promise you a review this week!)
Wednesday- Mini Meatball Sandwiches, Salad, Carrots
Thursday- My birthday...sigh.  I'm thinking I might get off the hook for cooking tonight.
Friday- Southwest Chicken Salad
Saturday- Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, carrots, peppers and chips

July 11th Menu
This will be my last menu for a while.  Next week we are headed south for a short family vacation to San Antonio.  Dustin has talked about taking KJ to Sea World since before she was born and he is finally getting the chance.  Let's just hope we all don't die from heat exhaustion!  This week is even a little on the short side since we are headed to OKC next weekend for a wedding.  Can't wait to see those two lovebirds tie the knot!  Congrats Brian and Emily!

Sunday- Chicken Kabobs, Fried Squash, Salad, Rice
Monday- Steak Quesadillas with Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Tuesday-Chicken Parm Sandwiches with Roasted Potatoes
Wednesday- Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, Oriental Salad (from JWL Cookbook..stay tuned for the review), pickles, bell peppers, chips
Thursday-YoYo or out to eat
Friday- Brian and Em become Mr. and Mrs!! 
Saturday- Hanging with some folks in OKC

July 4th Menu
Sorry I'm a little late.  I guess the Holiday weekend got me all off track.  We enjoyed a great weekend with family and a beautiful night watching fireworks from a pool over looking Grand Lake.  Rough life!  Due to some frugal shopping last week, our menu took some last minute changes.  You may see some repeats this week.  Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!

Sunday- Steak, Crash Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Guac and Onion Strings with Homemade Butterfinger Ice Cream (yummy!!)
Monday- Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks and Chips
Tuesday- Grilled Honey Mustard Pork Chops, Peach & Pineapple Casserole, Green Beans
Wednesday- Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, Guac and Black Beans (to share with our friends who just had an adorable baby girl)
Thursday- Grilled Chicken and Veggie Kabobs and Mac & Cheese
Friday- Dinner Out
Saturday- Alfredo, Salad and Garlic Bread

June 27th Menu
Ahhh.  A nice, quiet week ahead for the Matthews family.  I probably shouldn't say that.  Now all heck will break loose.  We are trying to keep it calm around here for a couple of weeks while Dustin is super slammed at work.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing a few recipes from a couple of cookbooks that I have had for a few years.  You can check them out here.  I'll focus on the recipes I go to in a pinch and maybe even try something new.  

Sunday:  Chicken Pot Pie (from freezer stash), Salad
Monday:  Eat Out in Rogers, AR
Tuesday:  Grilled Pork Chops, Peach & Pineapple Casserole, Green Beans
Wednesday:  Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, Broccoli Slaw, Pepper Sticks and Pickles
Thursday: Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread
Friday:  Healthy Chicken Enchiladas, Black Beans, Guacamole
Saturday:  Bratwurst, Hot Dogs, Beans, Grilled Corn on the Cob

June 20 Menu
Happy Father's Day to all of you special guys out there!  I love being able to spoil and celebrate Dustin and this special day.  Today he opened a card from each of his special girls, got a handmade "art project" from KJ and ripped into a new pair of Johnston & Murphy leather flip flops....perfect for the lake living.  The fun didn't end there.  KJ and I made pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, then we all went to see Toy Story 3 at the movie theater.  KJ & Daddy are getting in a quick nap before he settles in and watches the US Open and is served his Father's Day supper request.  Here's to all you Dads out there, may your wife treat you as wonderfully as I do Dustin.  Ha!!!!!!  A lot of my menu is a repeat from last week.  Our plans changed and KJ & I made a trip to the farm.  Thanks for the garden fresh corn and potatoes Weezie and Papa Lynn!

Sunday:  Grilled Pork Chops, Homemade Mac&Cheese, Crash Potatoes and Salad
Monday:  Creamy Taco Mac with corn on the cob and salad
Tuesday:  Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with carrots, bell peppers and chips
Wednesday:  Southwest Chicken Salad with fresh corn and black bean salsa
Thursday:  Hopefully a Big Girl's Night, so Dustin & KJ are on their own
Friday:  LobsterFest fundraiser for the Grove Rotary (My husband ordered me steak. Really?  It's LOBSTERFest.  Sigh.)
Saturday:  Dustin & his folks are off to his 10 year class reunion, so KJ & I are on our own.  I'm thinking a mommy daughter dinner somewhere is in order.

June 13 Menu
So, it has been a while, but here I am.  We are finally settled into the house and are getting into somewhat of a routine.  I'm hoping the craziness has started to subside.  For the first time since the big move, I've managed to come up with a menu for the week.  I'm looking forward to a week of cooking in my great, new kitchen.  I've even got a few guests to cook for this week!  I'm so glad my sisters and their girls were able to come over for a few days!

Sunday- Grilled Burgers and chips
Monday- Bistro Chicken, fried okra, and mashed potatoes. 
Grilled peaches with Cinnamon Sugar Butter
Tuesday- Creamy Taco Mac, Salad
Wednesday- Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, carrots and peppers
Thursday- Southwest Chicken Salad
Friday- Homemade Hawaiian Pizza
Saturday- YoYo

Hope everyone has a great week! 

May 16 Menu
Well, it is here.  The big move.  We officially move into our new home next Saturday.  I've waited so long for this day, I can't believe it is here.  I asked Dustin the other night what we were going to talk about when we didn't have to discuss colors and tile choices anymore.  I'm sure we'll fall back into our pre-building routine pretty quickly!  My cooking load is pretty light this week, so you might need to find inspiration over at This Week for Dinner or with each other.  Please leave your menu plan in the comments section for others to see.  I'm not sure what days we'll have what, but here you go...

Monday- Lasagna, Salad, Bread (from the freezer stash)
Tuesday- MOPS end of the year party
Wednesday- Spaghetti,  Salad (from the freezer stash)
Thursday- Taking dinner to our friends who had a new baby!  Burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips
Friday- Dinner out
Saturday- Dinner out
Sunday- Dinner out

May 9 Menu
Sorry I'm posting so late.  We spent Mother's Day Weekend (week, month, ha!) at my folk's farm.  We had so much fun, got to see their recently remodeled kitchen and had a great farm meal....steaks, potatoes, asparagus and corn on the cob.  Loved it!!  This may very well be my last week of good cooking before the move, so let's hope we can get it all done!  We have to store up on homemade food while we can!  Next week I'm sure we'll be packing and taking advantage of my freezer stash.

Monday- PW's Shrimp and Pasta in a Foil Package, Garlic Bread (didn't get it last week)
Tuesday- Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday- Dinner out with friends visiting the area
Thursday- Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches, carrots and peppers, fries or chips
Friday- Fried Pork Chops, homemade mac and cheese, green beans
Saturday- A version of Creamy Taco Mac, Salad
Sunday- YoYo

Don't forget to email me any good recipes you are trying this week to marycharla@yahoo.com.  I'd love to try them!

May 2 Menu
I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself.  Last week I pulled out all of the stops for the menu and we hit all but one day.  We were out late one night and stopped for pizza with some friends.  Dinner with friends is a great excuse to skip a night on the menu, right?  I was on the search for some new recipes this week, so I hit PW's website.  We'll see how they turn out. 

Monday-Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, Guac, Black Beans
Tuesday-PW's Sloppy Joes, Veggies and Dip, Fries or Chips
Wednesday- Dustin is on his own.  KJ and I are out of town.
Thursday-PW's Shrimp Pasta in a Foil Package, Garlic Bread
Friday- Headed to Bray for Mother's Day on the farm!
Saturday-Farm food.
Sunday- Mother's Day!

What are you serving up this week?

April 25 Menu
We finally have a whole week at home.  Ahhh.  After all of these trips up and down the turnpike, I'm ready to get back to "normal" for a few days.  My menu is rather ambitious.  I kind of doubt it will all make it to the table, but we'll see.  I'm also going to try my hand at an easy breakfast dish I hope to share with you and something sweet.  I have high hopes for the blog this week, so check back often for new recipes, obsessions and confessions.  It should be fun!  Please email me your new recipe ideas.  After pulling out all of the stops this week, I'm going to need some help. 

Monday- Tuscan Roasted Chicken, Asparagus, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday- Roasted Garlic Chipotle BBQ Pork Chops, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans
Wednesday- Southwest Chicken Salad
Thursday- Speg., Salad, Garlic Cheese Bread
Friday- Chicken Chimichangas, Black Beans, Rice-----GO THUNDER!
Saturday- Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks and Peppers
Sunday- Taco Pie, Guac and Sour Cream

April 18 Menu
Another busy week ahead for the Matthews.  Kennedy and I are headed down to the farm for a couple of days.  I wish I could say that I'm going to enjoy lots of good cookin' with my momma, but their kitchen is under renovation, so I think we are going to experience lots of sandwiches and eating out.  That's okay with me, I just can't wait to see Mom, Lynn, and all of the new calves in the field.  There is something about baby cows that just screams spring to me.  We are also considering a trip to OKC for the weekend, so here is our rather incomplete menu.  At least I'm determined to get it on here regardless!!

Monday- At the farm
Tuesday- farm livin' continued
Wednesday- Chicken Tortilla Casserole, guacamole and salsa
Thursday- NFL Draft Party, not sure what kind of party foods we are going to have
Friday- On our way to OKC
Saturday- OKC
Sunday- Pizza, homemade or carry out, depending on what time we get home from the "city"

Last week I posted for today, "something with chicken".  Well, we had Bistro Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and salad.  If you haven't tried this dish, you are really missing out.  It is so, so easy and so good.  I don't add the fresh onions.  I think it is to much, but follow the recipe to a tee if the mood strikes you, it is very yummy.  Go, make it now.  You'll be sorry if you don't. 
April 11 Menu
What a beautiful day!  We are so enjoying the nice weather.  I wish we had a grill so that our menu could reflect the time of the year.  I have informed Dustin that once we move into the house we just might grill 6 days a week.  I just can't wait!  KJ and I are headed out of town for a couple of days again this week, so here is another abreviated menu...

Monday- Honey Mustard Salmon with roasted potatoes and red peppers and asparagus
Tuesday- Baked Pork Chops, mac and cheese, green beans
Wednesday- Healthy Chicken Enchiladas, Black Beans, Guacamole (mmmmmm)
Thursday- KJ and I are out of town, D is on his own
Friday- Out to eat with Mimi and Papa Jerry
Saturday- Grove Foundation for Educational Excellence Banquet
Sunday- Something quick with chicken

Have a great week!


April 4 Menu
Wow!  I know I used to be S.W.A.M.P.E.D during the spring.  Testing, graduation, etc used to get the best of me, but between speaking gigs, planning political fundraisers and building a house, I have all I can handle right now!  I was gone a few days last week for pleasure, and a few days this week for work.  I'm headed back to the old Piedmont stomping grounds to host a fundraiser for my brother-in-law, Shawn Hime (who is running for State Superintendent of Schools, shameless plug, I know).  So.....Dustin is on his own for a few days this week and I don't have the time or energy to leave him something in the fridge.  I'm counting on some good friends taking pity on his poor soul and feeding him a night or two.  :-)  We have amazing friends like that.  All of this being said, here is my very abbreviated menu for the week.....

Monday- Risotto with Chicken and Asparagus (didn't get around to it last week)
Tuesday- Southwest Chicken Salad (one of my summer favs, stay tuned for the recipe)
Wednesday- In Piedmont....counting on some yummy Scott Smith food.  Begging is more like it.
Thursday- Still in Piedmont...maybe dinner with former co-workers
Friday- Chicken Strips, Baked Potato, Carrot Chips and Peppers with ranch
Saturday- Speg. with garlic toast and salad
Sunday- Steak, Roasted Red Potatoes and Peppers, Asparagus (hoping to get the grill back, finally)

Have a great week!
March 28 Menu
I'm posting this a little early this week.  Mom, Kennedy and I are headed to Kansas City for a few days to cheer on those Sooner Women in the Sweet 16.  I'm sure we'll have lots of fun that I will share when we get back.  In the meantime, here is our menu for the week.  It is really light this week since it will just be Dustin here, but I did do some planning ahead for him.  Check over in the recipe section for my version of Spinach and Artichoke Pasta.  Yummy!!

Sunday- Dustin has leftovers in the fridge
Monday- Steak Fajitas, Dustin style (I'm leaving everything he needs, already chopped up.  Just heat and eat!)
Tuesday- Dustin leftovers or maybe someone will take pitty on the poor man and have him over for dinner. 
Wednesday- Chicken and Asparagus Risotto with crusty bread
Thursday- Drip Beef Nachos Supreme (thanks for the idea, Kerry)
Friday- Out.  Either on our way to Bray for Easter or Bartlesville for baseball.
Saturday- At the farm.....KJ is asking for steak!  She seriously eats one all. by. herself.
Sunday- Easter Celebration at the farm

Hoping everyone has a great week!  I'm making up the risotto as I go, so we'll see if it is good enough to share. 

March 21 Menu
I think I'm actually close to getting this menu thing done at a normal time today.  I'm going to blame it on the snow.  For those of you not in the Oklahoma area, we are in the smack dab middle of a spring snow storm.  It seems like we always get one snow in March or April, but this is the most snow we have had this time of the year in my recent memory.  We probably have 6-8 inches out there, but it will be 52 tomorrow, so I don't think it will hang around very long.  I can deal with a snow like this!  I did have to make a mini-trip to the store yesterday to get us through the weekend.  They were predicting a foot of the white stuff and I didn't want to be caught unprepared.  Fortunately, there were only a few of us in Wal-Mart yesterday who hadn't listened to the weather men (or our mothers).  I got a few days worth of meals and I'm hoping to only make one teeny tiny trip for fresh things later in the week.  Here is what we are having.....

Monday- Spinach and Artichoke Pasta with Chicken, Salad, Rolls
Tuesday- Meatloaf, Cheesy Potato Cups, Green Beans
Wednesday- Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread (half will go in the freezer)
Thursday- I have dinner @ MOPS, leftovers for Dustin and KJ
Friday- Annie's Eats Chicken Tortilla Casserole (my version, I'll share after I come up with it. Thanks Jenn for sending me this recipe.  She's kicking ya'lls booties in recipe sharing), Black Beans, Guacamole (because we are addicted)
Saturday-  Out for Dinner in Tulsa (We are taking KJ to Elmo Live....please pray for us)
Sunday- YoYo
Sweet of the Week-  Brownies with Ice Cream and Strawberries

March 14 Menu
This week is Spring Break, which means absolutely nothing to me this year.  While, in the past, I've spent Spring Break either eating out because we were on a little vacation or going on a cooking binge, this year Spring Break is like all other weeks in our life.  I'm still celebrating for all of my teaching friends who are getting a glimpse of the summer to come! 

This week is Dustin's favorite time of the year.  March Madness kicks off.  He actually sings, "It's the most wonderful time of the year....upsets a-brewing and" well, I can't remember the rest, but you get the picture.  I'm trying to front load the week with healthier choices because the end of the week is all about the game food!  Stay tuned for our March Madness party menu for Sweet 16 Week.  Go Cowboys!

Monday- Tuscan Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Rolls
Tuesday- Poached Salmon, Salad, Roasted Red Potatoes with onions and red peppers
Wednesday- Dinner out, Aunt Mal is coming for a visit!!
Thursday- Homemade Hawaiian Pizza with carrots and peppers
Friday- Chicken Chimichangas with Avocado Cream and Queso
Saturday- Southwest Sandwiches with fresh veggies, chips and dip
Sunday- YoYo
Sweet of the Week- Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Buttercream

What recipe ideas do you have for me next week?  I was running on low today, and need some new fuel.  Get out there, try something new and send it to me!  I need you!!!


March 7 Menu

So I'm a little late this week, but I'm here, so I get some credit, right?  I promised you a Recipe section, and I'm still promising, just hang in there with me.  Maybe I'll get it done Monday when KJ's at Mommy's Day Out. 

Sunday- Dinner at friend's house

Monday- Taco Pie and toppings (new recipe from my BFF Jenn, I'll post the recipe after we try it out)

Tuesday- Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches with peppers, carrots and pickles

Wednesday- Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, salad, bread (I use PW's recipe and LOVE IT!  Try it, but close your eyes when adding all the butter and cream.  I actually make 1/2 the pasta and almost a whole batch of sauce.  I like mine saucey!)

Thursday- Celebrating a friend's birthday!

Friday-  Dinner out, on our way to OKC!!!

Saturday- OKC


Feb. 28 Menu
I've decided to start posting these over the weekend, so if anyone wants to steal my ideas, they can.  I realize normal people shop on Saturday or Sunday. 

I also wanted to let you know how some of the new recipes I tried last week worked out.  The Bistro Chicken from This Week for Dinner is yummy and so easy.  Kennedy didn't care for all of the onions (it is alot, if you aren't keen, you may want to leave out the fresh and only use the onions in the soup), but other than that we loved it!  My Oriental Chicken Salad, also from Jane's site, was yummy.  I floured my chicken tenders and fried them, then drizzled them with a mix of concentrated OJ, honey and soy sauce.  I also added bell peppers to the salad because KJ loves them!

Sunday:  Hot Springs
Monday:  Crab Cakes, Roasted Potatoes with peppers and onions, salad (ended up with lunch leftovers one night last week, so we'll see if we can make these a go this time around)

Tuesday:  Omelets with spinach, ham, peppers, onions and cheese, Hashbrowns, Smoothies
Wednesday:  Fried Pork Chops, Green Beans, Mac and Cheese
Thursday:  Crock Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes and Cottage Cheese
Friday:  Chicken Strips, Sweat Potato Fries, Peppers and Carrots with ranch (I use PW's chicken strips...Yumm Yumm!  Sometimes I spin them in buffalo sauce, others I serve them with honey mustard)
Saturday:  YoYo

I'm looking for a good recipe for smoothies and a breakfast casserole or quiche to take to MOPS.  If you have a good recipe, email it to me.  I might just share it on the new "recipe" section I'll be starting this week. 


Okay, you asked for it, so here you go.  We'll see if I can keep up with it!

Feb. 21 Menu

Sunday:  Chili (from my freezer stash)
Monday:  Bistro Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Salad
Tuesday:  Chicken Oriental Salad
Wednesday:  Crab Cakes, Roasted Red Potatoes with peppers and Onions, Salad
(I have a ton of lettuce I need to use up before it goes bad)
Thursday:  Steak Quesadillas with Spinach  and Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Friday, Saturday and Sunday:  In Hot Springs for a Mini Vacation

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