Friday, March 2, 2012

Disney World Day Two

Day Two in the World of Disney was a little crazy.  We had a semi-plan, but nothing concrete and that didn't really work in our favor.  Everyone was starting to get tired and cranky.  It took us most of this day to figure out that KJ couldn't walk everywhere Mommy and Daddy did without getting completely and totally worn out.  That was a smart parenting moment.  :) 

We started our day off with breakfast with some of the Disney Junior characters in Hollywood Studios.  Looking back through the pictures, this could be named "Character Day".  We got a lot of autographs and hugs!

 Here we are with Special Agent Oso.

Handy Manny also came around.  Cole wasn't quite sure what to think of all of the characters!

 One of Kennedy's absolute favorites, June from Little Einsteins.  She's a ballerina and loved KJ's shirt!  Jake from the Neverland Pirates was there, too, but I didn't get a great picture of him.  If you are thinking of a trip to DW, I highly recommend doing a character meal or two.  It is really the only way to prevent standing in line to see them for hours. 

Dustin had read that Hollywood Studios is where quite a few of the characters hang out, so after breakfast we stalked where we thought Minnie would be in a few minutes.  It paid off!  Kennedy was first in line!

I love this picture!  I think it is going in Kennedy's room.

We also had fun with Donald and Daisy before we left the park.

After watching a couple of shows in Hollywood Studios, we had lunch and headed back to our hotel for a little rest.  At this point Cole was refusing to sleep in the stroller, so our only chance at getting him to nap was in the room.  Once we got up we decided to end our night at Animal Kingdom.  We didn't even think about getting there after dark and not being able to see many (any) animals.

 This is where Dustin finally got smart and rented KJ a stroller.  It never even crossed my mind.  Whew!  What a lifesaver!! 

At Animal Kingdom we watched the Lion King show then waited in line for about 45 minutes to see the big guy. 
Cole wasn't too impressed.

I'm sure Mickey is used to it.  Cole warmed up to him a little bit.

It was such a fun day meeting new friends!  We all couldn't wait to see what Day Three had in store!