Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confession Number 61: I Love My TV

As a lot of American families, our TV is a central part of our home.  We even made a special place for it when we built our house, specficially made to hold the biggest TV possible. 
You would think there would be a discussion between Dustin and I about our television taking such a prominent place in our home, but there wasn't.  I agreed to it.  Completely!  We love watching TV.  In the summer our TV watching time goes down dramatically, but you give us football (lots of football, any football) mixed with the new season of shows and in the fall our DVR fills up quickly.  I mean, there is way to much Grey's and Private Practice.....The Good Wife and Big Bang Theory......Two and a Half Men (that's Dustin's guilty pleasure) and 19 Kids and Counting (that is mine) to not have something to watch each night.

Now, we aren't in front of the TV all stinking day.  We especially try to limit the amount it is on during the day.  Mostly because this is Kennedy when it is on....

She loves her some Playhouse Disney, and I have to admit Dustin and I like our fair share of shows on there.  I still sing the dang Chuggington song on a daily basis!  During the week, KJ's TV time is really limited to about 30 minutes or so a day, but on the weekends, it is a different story.  If there is nowhere for us to be up and off to on a Saturday morning, Dustin or I may lay on the couch, cuddled up with our little girl, for a couple of hours. 

After an hour or so of said snuggling this past weekend, I came to the conclusion that right now, we are loving our TV.  And I'm not ashamed to admit it.  There will be a day, probably much sooner than we realize, where she won't want to lay down and cuddle with mom or dad while watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore.  When we won't even see her on a Saturday morning because she will be sleeping until noon.  So, for right now, I'm loving my TV and all the cuddles and special times that come with it. 


  1. chuggington! chugga, chugga, chugga, chuggington!!!

  2. oh yea, parker became a complete couch potatoe when i had peyton. it was H.O.T.T. hot during the summer so the kid couldnt go out and play and all i could do was rock, feed, and sleep in the recliner w/ baby peyton....so parker got alot of tv time during that time. so just to prepare you when #2 comes!!! :)

  3. Amen, Sister! My son, too, loves him some Playhouse Disney! And, yes, Chuggington, MickeyMouse Clubhouse are among our faves! He loves "nuggle" time with mom and dad on the couch while watching the tube...makes for getting anything done nearly impossible! How do you say no to "nuggles"? I enjoy your posts!