Friday, November 19, 2010

Confession Number 63: My Most Expensive Trip

Maybe it is because it is the Holiday season.  Maybe it is because the heater in my truck is blowing cool air and I'm thinking it may be an expensive fix.  Maybe it is because it was the topic of our guest speaker last night at MOPS.  I'm not sure of the reason, but I've felt the urge, the need, to save money lately.  I was excited to see some great deals at Homeland this week since I was needing to stock the cupboards for our Thanksgiving festivities next week.  I wasn't sure how the trip would turn out, but I think I fared pretty well.....
Here is what is hidden in this stash and how it broke down:
Country Crock Mac and Cheese $1.29
Best Choice Sugar $1.49
Cook's Ham (6+ lbs.) $9.54
Best Choice Flour (2 bags at .99 each) $1.98
Stove Top Stuffing (6 boxes at ZILCH) FREE!
Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup (2 cans at .19 each) .38
Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup (2 cans at .19 each) .38
Sister Schubert's Rolls (2 pkgs at $1.25 each) $2.50
Cool Whip (2 containers at .79 each) $1.58
Pillsbury Pie Crusts (2 pkg. at $1.50 each) $3.00
Rhoades Sticky Buns .49
Kayro Syrup $1.20
Green Giant Corn FREE
Green Giant Peas FREE
Nestle Chocolate Chips (2pkgs. at .66 each) $1.33

I also had a $5 off my total order of $30 or more coupon, so my total, with tax, came to $22.84! 

Some of you are saying, "Charla makes pancakes from scratch, like she is going to use 6 boxes of Stovetop Stuffing!"  Well, you are right.  Honestly, I've never even tasted the stuff, but if I can get it for free, there are families out there who could really use it.  I'll donate it to a local food bank to help out a family who is hurting this Holiday season. 

One of my favorite things about couponing is that I can try new products for a lower price.  Some of you are screaming, "You are falling into the coupon trap!"  Well, possibly, but take this for example:  I have always wanted to try the Country Crock sides.  They look totally yummy, not to mention easy, but the price has always been a little high for me.  Today, I could try a new product, for a fraction of the cost.  It made a super simple and yummy lunch for KJ and I.  Will I buy it again?  If I find a good deal on it, probably, yes.  I matched it with carrots and apples and we both went back for seconds. 

Wanting to get in on your own Homeland deals?  Look up your local Homeland ad at, then also check out the match ups at  Click on "Homeland" on the right side of the screen for the latest coupon/sale matchups.  While this was my largest Homeland trip to date, I still think it turned out pretty well.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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