Sunday, January 13, 2013

Confession Number 106: Boys Are Harder

I know, I know.  All of you out there with a mix of boys and girls in your family will disagree with me.  You all say boys are hands down easier to raise.  That may be so, but in the beginning, I have to say, these boys have been harder.  Harder to name.  Harder to plan for.  Harder to chase. 

Boy names just don't have the cute little ring to them of girl names.  Boy nurseries are, well, basically boring.  There just aren't many new, fresh ideas with boys.  It makes these first few months of decision making hard on a momma.  With all of that being said, Dustin and I have recently made two BIG decisions in regards to Baby Brother 2.0.  That's what I've been calling him lately.  Cute, huh?? 

First is his name.  Going into the ultrasound we really didn't even have a boy name "short list".  I don't know if we couldn't come up with anything or if we were hedging our bets that we would be seeing a hamburger rather than a hot dog on that little black and white screen, but we had nuthin'.  There were several discussions with our families and one name kept coming up from Dustin.

If this were a girl, we had already decided that somewhere in her name would be "Claire" as a nod to my mom, Clarese.  That didn't seem to work for a boy much and after a day or so my sister made a great recommendation.  My mom's maiden name is Kreiger, and she suggested..
We both liked it rather quickly and have drug it along with us since Christmas.  Holding on to it for the past couple of weeks, we have started calling him Wyatt and KJ even added Baby Wyatt to her nightly prayers.  We recently decided that we loved it and that it has stuck.  So, this spring we will welcome our little
Wyatt Kreig
After what seems like forever looking over, what I kept thinking, were somewhat girly boy nursery themes, I found one the other night I felt was worthy enough to take to Dustin.  He was immediately in love.  The inspiration came from, of course, a link I found on Pinterest.
hudson's nursery
We love the calm, neutral colors with a few, subtle vintage OSU and sports details.  It isn't obnoxiously orange.  It isn't the same as Cole's sports room, but since they will be connected by the Jack and Jill bath, they will compliment each other perfectly.  And what better way to celebrate a little boy named Wyatt than with a few cowboy details in his room?  You can find more pictures from our inspiration room here.  And follow me on Pinterest here.


  1. LOVE the name...LOVE the room!! yah for a new precious baby!!!!

  2. Love the name. LOVE. And the room inspiration is awesome. Like you said, the subtle nod to vintage OSU stuff - excellent. Good choices all around!