Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Confession Number Three: I Was Awake

One thing I've figured out since I started staying home with Kennedy in June is that I'm more exhausted now than I was when I worked all day, then came home. How can that be? Ask any mom who has given up her career to raise her children full-time and she will tell you that this work is truly exhausting. And I only have ONE child. I can't imagine 2 or 3 or more!!! Don't get me wrong, I love staying at home with Kennedy. I love being able to cook with her and taking her fun places. I love having our own schedule to do what we need or want to do. But,there are some days when I'm just so stinkin' tired that when Dustin gets home it is all I can do to cook dinner (or call Pizza Hut) and fall onto the couch.

Last week, I had one of those nights. Dustin could tell from the time he got home that I wasn't totally with it, and being the wonderful husband he is, after dinner he insisted that I crash on the couch. I really wasn't feeling well, so eventually I informed him that I was moving my useless self to the bedroom and he and KJ were officially on "Daddy Time". He was very gracious, kissed me on the forehead and told me to rest well.

After a time of tossing and turning, I hear Dustin talking on the phone with his mom from the living room when all of a sudden his converstaion is interrupted with a "Whoa! Ummm, Mom, I gotta call you back" then "Oh my gosh! How much Miralax did you give her!!!" I giggled under my breath knowing that "Daddy Time" had just gotten a little messy. Kennedy is very, shall we say, irregular, so we help her out by giving her a stool softener every day, and when it kicks in, it REALLY kicks in. To add to the fun, we are potty training, and while going pee pee in the potty was mastered weeks ago, we are a LONG way from mastering the other. I knew, what Dustin was soon to find out...Kennedy was in panties, not Pull Ups, she was wearing cute little Dora the Explorer panties. Fun, huh moms?!? I hear him take her into the bathroom, so I pull myself out of bed to hide out in our closet, which shares a wall. The following minutes are full of lines like, "Oh, no! What did you do? How did you poop EVERYWHERE?" "Daddy, poo poo on K's hand!" (I almost fell over with laughter on that one) "Ah, Kennedy, this is yucky." "Yucky poo poo Daddy?" "Yes, yucky poo poo....Kennedy NO!!! Do NOT put your thumb in your mouth!!" Finally he turns on the bath and their voices are drowned out by running water.

Laughing so hard my sides hurt, I make my way back to bed. Why go help now? The worst is over. Besides, not all "Daddy Time" needs to be full of fun and games. Sorry, babe! At least he had the smarts to clean her hands first!

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