Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Confession Number 15: I'm Not The Prince

I know each of your are shocked by my confession today. You totally thought I was the male heir to the British Empire, didn't you? Sorry to let you down. I'm no Prince Charles, even though I wouldn't mind spending some time gazing at those sons of his for awhile. I know you had thoughts of grandeur of me being a handsome, young prince, similar to the one in Cinderella.

What? Oh. You didn't? Hmmm. Well, maybe it's just Kennedy. You see, she keeps running up hysterically stating (in the cutest little voice, I might add), "my slipper! I've lost my slipper!". Then she runs to her room, only to return with one of her dress up shoes and announces, "I have the other one". After a couple of times with her getting frustrated because I wasn't doing it right, I figured out that I was supposed to bend down and help put her shoe on, asking if it fits. She then nods her head, hands clasped in front of her, and dances away. Only to return five minutes later saying, "my slipper! I've lost my slipper!".

Ah, yes, the repetition in a 2-year-old's life. Last night Dustin was talking with his mom on the phone and during a five minute span, Kennedy and I played out this scene three times. I have to say, I'm getting really tired of playing the role of the Prince. Maybe if the role came with some perks. Like a housekeeper? Or a laundry doer? Maybe just a cabana boy? I could really put on a good show, then. I'd much rather be the Princess. She just gets to dance around and be happy. Unfortunately for me, I think that role is already spoken for in our house...

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  1. Oh, so cute.

    Maybe if you wish on a pumpkin or something, you could get a maid. I'm going to try it. Wait--I don't think you can find pumpkins in February. Darn!