Sunday, February 7, 2010

Confession Number Twelve: I May Have Lost My Card

My Sooner card that is. "Gooner" card if you listen to Dustin, but who wants to do that??

If you know me at all, you know that I suffer from a collegiate form of bipolar disorder. I have been known to wear crimson one day and orange the next. My illness wasn't too terrible until I started spending football season in Stillwater with my hubby, instead of in Norman with my mom. I've spent the last three years so confused I don't even know what shirt to pull out of the closet. However, when it comes to bedlam, I'm ALWAYS wearing crimson. ALWAYS. Until Saturday.

You see, Saturday was bedlam for women's basketball. I absolutely love watching a good basketball game. A few years ago a fellow Brayite, Megan Byford was recruited to play for the Cowgirls. Wearing orange may have come more difficult for her family since her dad was an offensive lineman for the Sooners in the early 80's. Over the past few years, I have worn my crimson and cream to women's bedlam, while being totally neutral as to the winner because of the "Megan Factor". Sunday, however, was Megan's last bedlam. Match that with fact that I have only watched two OU women's basketball games this season, and it was the perfect storm. I did it. I switched to the dark side. I wore orange. On bedlam day. A picture of the phenomenon does exist, but it is on Dustin's phone and isn't appropriate to post here. It's rated PG-13, and I'm all about protecting the kids on this site. I joined the sisters and their kids in Stillwater for a fun bedlam day. At least I wasn't the only one in turmoil about their wardrobe. Remember the confused young man on my Cotton Bowl post? Well, yesterday, that confused boy was my nephew, Justus.

He wears crimson.

And now orange. He couldn't decide, so he kept taking his OU hoodie on and off. At least I made a decision to totally and completely cheer for the Cowgirls. Everyone had a great time yesterday. Thanks to her Daddy, Kennedy is turning into a Cowgirl through and through. She even showed Aunt Kitrena how to make pistols...

So, I have a husband who is a die hard Cowboy and a daughter who says "Go Pokes" in the cutest little voice ever. Could this be the "change" most of our friends have been wanting me to make for a long time? Nay. I think when I pack my suitcase for the Big XII Tourney it will still be just as confused as ever.


  1. Dang, your sister is Hawwwwwtttt! :)

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