Friday, April 23, 2010

Confession Number 28: We Got Down and Dirty!

The weather is warm, the trees are green and I've been going crazy wanting to plant something.  We aren't quite ready for me to build a new flowerbed at the house, so I'm left with a few pots outside our apartment door.  I figure they will be easy to move to the house and will quickly add a splash of life when we finally move in.  With yesterday being Earth Day and all I thought we wouldn't have a better day to add a little color to our lives.  What a great way to teach Kennedy about the earth!  How very SAHM of me, huh? 

A quick trip to Lowe's and we were set.  Well, first I had to pull all of the dead flowers from the fall out of the pots.  Okay, maybe this should be the real confession: I've had three pots of dead mums and pansies outside the aparment door for months.  They lost a battle with a freeze and the first snowfall back before Christmas, but I've still left them there.  Too lazy to dump them out.  Too sad to admit that I should have taken care of it long ago.  Well, yesterday, they were replaced with LIVE beautiful fresh flowers.  Kennedy loved digging in the dirt...
Notice the dead plants in the trash bag in the right of the picture.  See?  I wasn't fibbin'.  I'm nothing if I'm not brutally honest with ya'll.  She actually loved moving dirt from one pot to the other...
After we dug around a little and finally got the flowers in the pots, I let Kennedy water them.  She was in heaven!
Isn't that watering can about the most adorable thing you have ever seen?  A big shout out to my friend Shelli who got that for us last year.  The only bad thing is that I have to fill it up 6 or 7 times to water these few pots.  Kennedy loves it, though!
She was so proud of our hard work.  "I can't wait to show Daddy.  I love Bearth Day, Momma!"  Ahh.  Hmmm, I hope she isn't expecting a cake and candles. 

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  1. The Blacks spent earth day playing volleyball and baseball. Shout out to Madelyn for her team finishing runnerup in the volleyball league championship and to Joe for hitting a 3-run homer at MidWest City last night. Go to to see story! Yeah, Earth Day!
    Cindy Anne