Thursday, May 6, 2010

Confession Number 31: I Honor Her

This past week our sermon was on honor.  How we, as an American society, fail to show honor to our fellow human beings, and often, we even fail to show honor to our Savior.  A very thought provoking message.  I started thinking about how Dustin and I are teaching Kennedy to honor those who we are Bibically called to hold in the highest regard.  We teach her "yes, ma'mm" and "no, sir", but do we do a good enough job of modelling honor?  I started thinking of people in my life who I owe honor and who have earned the highest respect from me.  Since we will be celebrating Mother's Day this weekend I think my mind naturally went to my momma.  I came up with a list of things that I love about my mom, and in a way to honor her in the highest way, I want to share that list with you. 

1. She's faithful.
2. She's a great cook!
3. She lets me ramble.
4.  She never told me I couldn't accomplish anything.
5.  She taught us independence.
6.  She ruined 4 batches of toffee with me and laughed.  And maybe cussed.  Just once.
7.  She taught us love.
8.  She works cattle.
9.  She prays for us.
10.  She passed on her love for pottery.
11.  She is always there when I need her.
12.  She knows when something is wrong.
13.  She passed on her love for shoes.
14.  She taught me how to stand my ground.
15.  She tiles her own floors.
16.  She loves unconditionally.
17.  She taught me how to be a professional.
18.  She has the highest pain tollerance of anyone I know.
19.  She taught me to be strong, but that it is sometimes okay to show your emotions.
20.  She gives me peace.
21.  She knows when to comfort, and when to give us our space.
22.  She has distinct relationships with each of her kids.
23.  She encourages us to stay close with each other.
24.  She is my sounding board.
25.  She reads my blog.  And laughs.  And cries. 

I love her.  So much.  I could type on this list all day.  I'm so happy she is happy and I'm so proud to call her "Mom".  Happy Mother's Day, Mom. 


  1. I don't have a blog, but....Ditto

  2. Great it! Your mom must be one amazing lady. I'm sure she's proud of the mother you are to KJ too.