Friday, May 14, 2010

Confession Number 34: I've Had It

Why do children sense the stress of their parents and choose to add to it?  I'm not overly stressed, I've just got a lot to do.  I have to pack, find mirrors for the bathrooms, get the sticky stuff off of the oven, paint the stripes on Kennedy's wall (never.again.), find a microwave, etc. etc. etc. 
However, Kennedy has choosen this week to completely and totally forget how to pee in the potty!!  Sunday, one accident,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, one accident each day. 
That's lots of laundry just trying to keep the girl in dry panties! 
Thursday?  One accident AND a poop in the bathtub!  AFTER three failed attempts to get her to go on the potty.  Why oh why?!? 
Friday?  THREE accidents AND she hit another little girl at mom's day out AND she threw an incredible Academy Award winning fit.  At least the fit was at home.  She's worn me out.  I've had it and I've had my wine.  I'm going to bed.  Nighty night.

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