Saturday, July 24, 2010

Confession Number 50: Lessons Learned at Sea World

We jumped in the truck last Monday afternoon and headed south for a little family vacation.  After an overnight stop to pick up Dustin's parents and sister, we finally made it to San Antonio and Sea World Tuesday afternoon.  KJ has had a total blast, even if she has been utterly exhausted since before our trip south.  After spending the better part of two days at the best marine wildlife park, I have learned a few lessons along the way.  Some are sassy, some are serious.  All are making for a great (and much needed) vacation.  Here are the Lessons of Sea World....

1.  Parenting at Sea World, or any other outdoor venue in the heat of the summer, is NOT for the faint of heart.  We actually got pretty lucky weather wise, but the heat brings out the worst in all of us, almost 3 year olds, too.  I was talking to KJ at one particularly hot and sticky moment and I told her, "sometimes we just have to put on our big girl panties and deal with it".  Great parenting quote of the year, I know.  Her reply?  "I don't want to wear big girl panties, I want to wear a pull up!"  I know how you feel honey, sometimes I do too.  I SWEAR this is a true story!

2.  Seeing something new through the eyes of a child is priceless.  Happiness.  Fear.  Joy.  Awe.  Whatever the emotion, children wear their feelings on their face.  And sometimes on Daddy's face, too....

You can immediately tell what they are thinking. The world is so simple through the eyes of a child.

3.  No matter how bad I think I look, I will still rank in the top 20% on a given day at Sea World. Don't get me wrong, I am nothing special to look at, I'm a mom for heaven's sake. I'm doing good not to walk out the door with a random bow in my hair and snot on my dress, but one afternoon in the Lost Lagoon and your self esteem will start inching upwards. I'm just saying. I thought to myself, "she left the house thinking she looked good this morning", more than once.

4.  Watching your hubby being a good daddy is one of the sexiest things he can do (next to unloading the dishwasher).  Dustin is so good with Kennedy.  She completely and totally latched on to him this week.  She's with mom all the time, mom's boring.  Dad is fun and exciting!  I love watching the two of them together.  He's the best dad a little girl could want!
5.  Last, and by all means, not least...Our God is an amazing God!  What creativity!  What insight!  He not only created us, but he created thousands of creatures, each with their own purpose on this planet.  They are beautiful! 
So, there you go, a little insight into my mind on vacation.  We have about 24 hours left.  I think I'm going to go enjoy them!

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