Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Confession Number 92: I Need A New Purse

Last weekend Dustin and I ventured out on a shopping trip with both kiddos in tow for the first time.  Now I've hit Wal-Mart and the grocery store with both Kennedy and Cole in hand, but this wasn't a short trip into town.  We packed up Momma's new Kitty Caddy (our recent vehicle purchase was an Escalade) and headed to Tulsa with a 'not as happy a baby as his sister was' one month old and an 'I have found my voice and love to use it loudly' three year old.  It took guts, but over two months of being confined to Grove, America had us desperate for things of grander.  You know, like clothing stores that don't also sell fishing bait and fancy chain restaurants with drink menus. 

The day was going well and we decided to make a stop by Utica Square so I could shop at Gap.  On the way there KJ had fallen asleep and Cole was wide awake, so we decided to carry Cole and put Sleeping Kennedy in the stroller so Dustin wasn't confined to the car while I shopped.  It was a great idea and I got some great bargains for both KJ and myself.  As I bent down to get my purse from the bottom of the stroller I noticed it was wet.  My purse was soaked and upon further investigation I found the cargo compartment of the stroller to have tons of water.  I figured something in my purse had leaked.  I quickly paid for our purchase, found Dustin and we decided to head back to the car to find the culprit. 

Hmmm.  Interesting.  There wasn't a water bottle in my purse.  Or anything liquid really.  While Dustin was trying to save things from my purse I started putting kids back in their carseats.  I lift a very heavy, Sleeping Kennedy to put her in the car, only to find that she is soaked.  Evidently the two cups of fruit punch at lunch weren't such a good idea before naptime.  That explains the standing liquid in the bottom of the stroller and the absolutely sopping purse.  A quick trip back into Gap to purchase my three year old a $14 package of panties, a change into a new outfit and we were good to go.  The purse...and most of its contents...found the trashcan.  This is why I don't buy Coach. 

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  1. He, he! My mom just bought me a new coach purse as a mother's day gift. How ironic!