Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession Number 93: He's A Pretty Lucky Fella

I love Mother's Day.  It's just one of those 'warm your heart make you feel good' kinda days.  I love snuggling up with my kids and not really doing anything in particular but celebrating our little family.  Of course the pampering that comes with the day isn't too bad, either.  One of the sweetest gifts this year was when Dustin decided he would get up with Cole during the night.  He normally does a good job helping out anyway, but, ahhh, sleep.  So good!!

I cherish those little handmade projects from Kennedy, and now that she can write, I love that she can sign her own name (and Cole's) to her card.  Dustin is a great gift giver.  Always has been.  He's passing his skills on to his daughter, and even though I can't wait for the time that she gets to go pick out her own gift for Mommy, I absolutely love seeing what Dustin comes up with next.  A new truck, an iPad, diamond earrings, a special KJ and mommy video and gift certificates to my favorite shoe store are all highlights of gifts past.   My heart goes out to those of you whose husbands don't possess the same "skillz".  The very small materialistic side of me loves this about my husband....along with about a bazillion other things.  :-) 

This year they really went over the top.  I got three cards.  The first was from Kennedy.  It was a princess card with crown stickers for us both to wear, signed in her perfect little almost four year old handwriting.  Tucked inside were two tickets to Game 5, Thunder vs. Grizzlies in OKC for Wednesday night.  Eeekkk!  Sooo excited!  Next was Cole's card, claiming I was an amazing mommy (duh!) and inviting me to dinner at my fav OKC restaurant, Cattleman's.  This boy sure knows the way to his mommy's heart!  Finally I opened a card from my fellow zoo keeper, Dustin.  Out fell a night's stay at the Embassy Suites in Norman after the game. 

I was literally ecstatic with my gift!  I made the comment that this was the 'best Mother's Day ever'!  Later in the day Dustin smiled and said, "What a lucky guy I am to have a wife that thinks NBA playoff tickets make the best Mother's Day ever." 
Your one lucky fella. 
Better not forget it. 

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