Monday, August 29, 2011

Confession Number 100: Big Changes are Underway

Wow!  Confession Number 100!!!  I can't believe it, really.  You've been with me through building our home, a complicated pregnancy, the trials of raising a three year old, being snowed in, the sleepless days and nights that come with an infant.  You've even stuck with me through the conversations on poop.  I guess it is very fitting that on this, my 100th confession, I am able to announce some big changes in our life!

This blog started as an outlet for me to connect with family and friends that we left behind when we moved to Grand Lake, but it was also a creative way for me to use my brain....something I craved once I started staying home full time with, then, our only child.  A lot has happened since the first few days of this site.  We survived 9 months in an 800 square foot apartment, we added Baby Brother and now there is one more big transition coming for us.  I am returning to work! 

It is only a part time gig, but it is just about exactly what I dreamed of.  Dustin and I have known since those first few months of me being at home that my professional life was something that was important to me and even though I have absolutely loved my time at home with Kennedy and Cole, there was still a hole that could only be filled with working to improve the lives of other children through education.  Quite a few months ago I started praying that God would help resolve this tug of war inside me between spending time with my own children and returning to work.  With the encouragement of Dustin and some close friends I emailed the Superintendent here in Grove, Mrs. Harper, to volunteer my services in the field of testing analysis and school improvement.  I told her I wasn't looking for a job, but that God was laying it heavy on my heart that I was to reach out to our local school system with the talents He had given me. 

Within 30 minutes I had a reply.  Long story short, in a couple of weeks I will begin working three days a week as the counselor at the Early Childhood Center and as a testing data analyst.  Yes, you read correctly, the ECC.  I will be working with 4, 5 and 6 year olds.  Start praying now!  :)  This is a huge change from the 17 year olds I'm used to working with, but the way this all fell in place, I just KNOW this is His plan for me, for our family, right now. 

So, yeah.  There are some big changes for us right now.  Getting out the door by 7:30 in the mornings, Cole going to Ms. Terry's a few days a week, Kennedy having longer days at school to accommodate our new schedule.  I keep reminding myself that millions of families do this everyday and we used to do it perfectly, too.  Finding that balance in life during this transition period I know won't be easy, but by Thanksgiving we'll have it down pat!

I'm so excited about this opportunity professionally.  I'm excited to get in there, get my hands dirty and help make Grove Public Schools the best in the state!  I know we have the leadership and vision to do it and I'm pumped to be on the inside working hand in hand with our administrators to get us there.  I'm even excited to work with the little ones some.  Scared, but excited.  Who knew the thought of 25 five year olds in one room would send me into cold chills like the thought of going through another 3 hour glucose test?!  It is a good scared, though.  I know that I'm there to make their lives better and to help those little guys who can't quite help themselves, yet.  I've changed a lot staying at home with Kennedy and Cole and that is what gives me the ability to do this job well. 

So, pray for me.  Pray for our family.  Pray for the kids that I will be working with and that I can be an element of change and success that our schools need. 

And pray about a new name for the blog.  Seriously, this one just doesn't work anymore.  :)


  1. Congrats, Charla! I have the same internal struggles as you regarding work and staying home. I hope that in the future something happens for me, but for now I will cheer you on in your new adventure!! :)

  2. Aw, this is AWESOME, Charla! What a PERFECT opportunity. I'm so thankful the district had a slot for you to plug into. It's like it was meant to be or something. :) That is just wonderful. CONGRATS!

  3. Yay for you!

    Title suggestion: Confessions of a Not-So-Stay-at-Home Mom

  4. Good luck lady! I think that we all struggle with just life balance - feeling good about yourself and feeling good about what you're doing / how you're raising your kids. Good for you for listening to yourself. Best of luck

  5. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)

  6. and all BC you listen to God. I got to meet a amazing woman and a friend for life. Thank you for our little talks and the simple things that you do to make us laugh. Thank you for living on those babies that needed that extra touch. Love you lady.