Friday, August 12, 2011

Confession Number 99: I Have Goals

I've always been a goal setter. Since I was a teen I had a clear idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do once I got there. It has always worked for me to have something to work toward, to strive for.

This weekend is really no different. Dustin is headed south for the weekend to spend some time with his folks. He could use a break and I think he and his dad have plans to do all things golf. So, while Daddy is away the kids and I are going to enjoy a great weekend. Here are some of the things I hope to get accomplished the next few days....

1. Make it to the pool. Three days in a row.
2. Eat foods Dustin doesn't like. Meatloaf and Chicken Spaghetti are already on the menu.
3. KJ and I are having a Mommy Date Night. Early bedtime for Cole, Rio via pay per view, and popcorn with M&Ms. Can't think of anything better!
4. Planning the finishing touches for her big upcoming birthday. I see yards of tulle and mermaid skirts in my future.
5. Invest a little in myself by reading my first book on my iPad. I bought "The Help" this morning. Hoping to have it read by Monday evening so I can go see the movie with the girlfriends. We'll see how I like this whole flipping virtual pages thing.

So, this is what I'm up to this weekend. What are your plans?

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