Monday, December 24, 2012

Confession Number 103: I Love This Time of Year

Merry Christmas Eve friends!  I have to say, for a few days, it seemed as if this holiday season was going to be characterized with a big, black cloud of grief, shock and fear.  In addition to the soul rocking shooting at Sandy Hook elementary, there were other various events around us that just brought us down.  Then, Saturday night, as my church, the bestest church ever, COS, celebrated Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve our pastor said no matter what has gone on throughout the year, this season gives us a chance to end the year in utter celebration.  What on earth could be better than to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!!!  I have to say, it turned my bah humbug attitude right around.  No matter how dark our world may seem at times, the only thing that matters is that God sent us The Light to break the darkness!  May we celebrate His Light throughout the year!!

The last day or so with Kennedy has been very special.  She is so into everything this Christmas season, it is truly awesome to create so many memories and traditions with both of the kids.  This is our first Christmas morning to spend in our own home, and we are all so excited.  Now, if the weather will just cooperate for us to travel after the big day.  Speaking of the day after, stay tuned for a great big announcement!  In addition to all of the Christmas hoopla, we are hoping to find out the gender of Baby #3 on Wednesday.  We have big plans in sharing the news, so you won't want the miss the big reveal.  To think this time next year we will have another crawler in the house is a little overwhelming, but exciting.  Until then, here is a belly shot to get you by.  Oh!  And Merry Christmas!
Baby Number 3 at 17 weeks

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