Monday, December 31, 2012

Confession Number 104: It's A Boy!!

We had such a fun time the day after Christmas.  We had an appointment with the great Dr. Dietz mid morning and we were so hoping that baby would cooperate so we could break the gender news to both families in person.  Dustin's parents had gone with us and were with Cole in the waiting room while KJ went in to see Baby Charli on the screen herself.  I was so excited for her to get to make this memory!  My family waited in Enid as we were heading there straight from the appointment. 

It took a little while to get Charli to cooperate.  He was literally sitting criss cross applesauce in my tummy, but after some coaxing, just like his older brother, he was more than happy to share the goods!

The first words out of Kennedy's mouth were, "well, maybe the next one will be a girl!".  I'm not so sure about that, but we'll see!  Dustin's parents, were, of course, ecstatic and we had fun sharing the news with my family.  I called my oldest sister Cindy and told her, she then made a cake and later that night we shared the news with everyone.  Weezie did the honors of cutting into the cake.  This will make grandbaby #11 for her! 
I have to say, Weezie called this one early on in my pregnancy.  She actually has predicted the gender of all of my kids within the first 8 weeks of each of the pregnancies.  Come to think of it, she always knows I'm pregnant before I tell her, too.  Creepy.  Mom intuition, I guess!
So, now we are on to room planning, name discussing and wondering how in the world we will manage two Cole's.  :)  I mean, really, he's a full time job as it is!!  But now he will have a buddy to play with!  Yay!!!

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