Thursday, February 10, 2011

Confession Number 85: She Surprised Us

I pride myself on being a mother that is pretty in tuned to my kid.  I can usually call what her reaction is going to be to most situations.  I know that I will barely get a kiss goodbye when I drop her off with a babysitter.  I know that when she meets someone new (especially a man) she is going to velcro herself to the back of my leg before warming up to him 10 seconds later.  I know that she says she wants to try things that are new, and slightly scary, but that when the moment comes, she chickens out.  I know these things because she operates a LOT like her Momma.  So that is why, when she started talking about riding the horses at Weezie and Papa Lynn's house, I never thought it would happen.

I thought we would get as far as to stand next to the horse and she would start climbing up Dustin's side trying to get away.  I thought we'd do great to get her to feed them again and that the whole situation would end with her in tears.  I was so sure in what would happen I even began bribing her ahead of time.

Me:  Hey KJ, Jay is going to go get Bo ready so you can ride him.
KJ:  Okay.
Me:  Are you really going to ride him?
KJ:  Um, yeah.  But I need a cowgirl hat.  (She is ALL about the accessories)
Me:  I bet Papa Lynn has a hat you can borrow.
KJ:  But I want a pink one!
(yep, no way this is going to happen.  She's more about the hat than the horse.)
Me:  I'll tell you what.  If you will actually get up in the saddle on Bo with Papa Lynn and ride, then Momma will look for you a pink cowgirl hat.  Deal?
KJ:  Um, okay.

Knowing she would never ride without someone we waited until Papa Lynn got back from town.  Luckily, there was a short nap in there and, luckily, Papa Lynn ran a few errands before he came home.  She woke up before Papa Lynn made it back, and to our complete surprise, she jumped right up in the saddle.  All. By. Her. Self.
She was such a BIG GIRL.  She loved it!  It was sure a good thing that Papa Lynn ran those errands before he came home.  Look what he found....

KJ:  Look Momma!  Papa Lynn got me a real cowgirl hat!  Just like Jesse!!  (Jesse the Cowgirl for those of you aren't up on your Disney Toy Story trivia)

And of course, after that, it was ALL about the accessories.  She jumped back up for a ride with Papa Lynn, but she was more concerned with losing something....
I really couldn't believe she actually did it.  My little girl is growing up right before my eyes and it is so much fun to watch!  A big thanks to Lynn's nephew Jay for hanging around long enough for her to wake up and for leading her around.  And a huge hug to Papa Lynn for finding a pink cowgirl hat.  Only in Duncan. 

For those of you who know the story, does she remind you of another little girl wanting her Meemo's porcelain doll????

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  1. Okay--that picture w/o the hat is BEE-U-TI-FUL. Love it.