Monday, February 28, 2011

Confession Number 89: We Didn't Know, Update on Baby Cole

After a very long last week the Matthews' family was able to settle in for a quiet weekend at home.  Friday we returned to our local hospital for some monitoring and to meet with our doctor.  Thankfully, Friday was a better day than the last few.  While I am still contracting, somewhat regularly, Cole's heart rate is doing well and he is tolerating the contractions much better than he was earlier last week.  In fact, my doctor was so pleased with my progress, that we don't have to go back until Tuesday!  Praise God!!

I have to say, we did find out that the situation we were facing on Wednesday was a little more serious than Dustin and I originally knew.  We knew that Cole wasn't doing well and we knew that they wanted us quickly moved to Tulsa in case an early delivery was necessary, hence the whole helicopter thing.  :-)  What we didn't know was how close we were to having a baby on Wednesday.  Evidently there was some discussion between the doctors to do an emergency c-section in Grove on Wednesday, then transporting Cole to Tulsa once he was stable.  Once they decided to transport us it took a couple of hours to get everything in line for us to leave.  One of the issues was that the hospital in Tulsa was full and didn't have a room available for us.  I am thankful that one became available when it did, because I truly believe had we been waiting much longer we would have a baby right now.  Dustin and I never had a clue things were that bad.  Thank goodness!  I probably would have melted down! 

The weekend has been quiet and I'm feeling great, however, I don't think that is an adequate assessment on how things are going, since I never felt really any different through the whole ordeal.  I am still having some disturbance and contracting, but I feel like they have lessened since last week.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow when we go for our appointment. 

I have to say, this whole bed rest thing is eating on me a bit.  I know I'm getting grouchy, even though Dustin lets me get up periodically throughout the day.  As you learned during the snow storm, I don't do cooped up well, much less when I can't even shower, get dressed, and fix my hair and makeup before being told to lay down and take it easy.  I'm trying *really* hard to be a good patient.  Sometimes I think being in the hospital would be easier because I wouldn't be tempted to get up and do the load of white laundry that has been staring me in the face all morning.  I know deep down it wouldn't, but I'm sure you get my drift. 

Dustin and I really want to thank all of you for your thoughts, calls, texts, emails and, especially your prayers.  We know without your support and lifting us up that the story would be much different right now.  Praying for one more week!


  1. Thank you for the update Charla. I was concerned for you and sweet Cole. I will continue to pray for health and sanity!!!
    Tiffany Cooper

  2. Still praying, princess!! I am sure that bedrest is very hard on you. Just try to keep in mind that once Cole does get here, you'll never get to rest again, so try to take advantage of it while you can. :)

    And tell Dustin to do the laundry 'cause it's driving you nuts.