Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Confession Number 87: Considering a Name Change

Whew!  It has been busy around here the last week or so.  I know you all might have been feeling a little neglected with it being a week since my last update.  We have been busy around here with normal day to day life and trying to get a few things ready for Baby Cole.  Life has sure been busy, but you, my loyal readers, shall feel neglected no longer!  I have this sneaky feeling that I am going to have plenty of time in the next few weeks to hang out and write for you.  It may take you a while to notice it though, since I'm seriously considering a temporary name change for the blog.  Let's see what you think of this... from Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom to Chronicles of Bedrest.  Or maybe Tales of the Seriously Pregnant. What do you think?  Sounds okay right?  Oh?  What?  It has you confused?  Well, let me fill you in on what has happened today.

This morning I had an appointment with my wonderful OB, Dr. Dietz, to whom I happily reported that I was feeling great!  Which is true!  I was feeling pretty awesome and refreshed this morning.  I looked cute, as cute as a woman with a watermelon strapped to her belly can look anyway, and felt pretty full of energy.  I was happy to get on with my appointment, get my grocery shopping done and get home to get some painting done in Cole's room while KJ was at school.  To say that "nesting" had come for a visit in our house would be an understatement.  However, after reporting that "he must be pretty low because it feels like he is bouncing up and down on my cervix" and one episode of pretty consistent Braxton Hicks a week ago, Dr. D decided she needed to take a closer look.  About two hours after my scheduled appointment we left, having spent an hour in the Women's Center at Grove General hooked up to monitors, we found that I was having quite a few uterine "interruptions" (cramping), a few random contractions, and was dilated to a 1.  They started a round of steroids to build up Cole's lungs in case an early delivery took place and sent me home.....to bed.  I get to do the whole thing over again tomorrow.  Yay! 

My spirits are really pretty high.  I mean, it isn't like I can do a whole lot more than lay around here at this point, right?  I was 33 weeks yesterday, which sounds early, and is, but because I have stood by more than one friend with a preemie, I know that it could be much, much worse.  Also, I know that God has a plan, and maybe, just maybe, he knew that this hard headed girl needed some serious intervention before she would sit down and rest.  Dear God, It's me, Margaret....um, Charla, and I'm listening now, I promise!  I have a wonderful prison guard, I mean husband, who is taking great care of me and my momma is on her way.  We aren't sure what the next few days or weeks hold, but hopefully we'll know more tomorrow.  Please pray for Cole to get super strong and healthy and pray that he really likes Hotel Mommy.  I've tried hard to make it a super nice place for him, and now he (and I) are even getting room service.  My current prayer is that if I must stay on bed rest that I'm able to do so at home and not in the hospital, and of course, for Cole's health.  If you don't mind, please add us to your prayer lists.  We could use all the help we can get!

Stay tuned for more Stories of the Bedridden, I mean Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom. 

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  1. Oh, girl! I'll be praying. Bedrest for someone like me sounds awesome. Bedrest for someone like you? I'd imagine Dustin and your momma are going to have to hogtie you and strap you down. Cross your legs and keep that baby in there!!! Love you!!