Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Confession Number 94: She's Passionate

To say that Kennedy is a passionate soul may be putting it lightly.  She loves what she loves with her whole heart and when she doesn't love something, well, she does that with her whole heart, too.  We have really been struggling with keeping our passion in check at our house.  I know part of it is the hardship of being almost four, but holy smokes, this child tests our patience sometimes! 

We set distinct boundaries.  "Kennedy, you can play on the computer for 10 minutes" as I set the timer on my phone.  That seems to work a few times then, out of the blue, nuclear meltdown occurs.  Screaming, crying, clawing, hitting, it is all fair game when one of these fits begin in Kennedy's mind. 

Taking a page from my friend Angie's parenting book, I decided to take pictures of said fit throwing, making it fun and threatening to send to Mimi and Weezie.  Well, okay, maybe posting on the world wide web will be enough embarassment.

It didn't work.  So, here I am, asking for help once again.  How do I help teach my daughter to keep her highly passionate emotions at a reasonable level?

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  1. OMG, Charla! We are going through this exact same behavior with Andrew. Holy Smokes! Jer travels often for his job which leaves me to be the primary disciplinarian. The one thing that I try to be consistent with is when he starts to throw a tantrum I pull him aside and look at him in the eye and ask him why he is upset. Recently it has been working but occasionally he gets revved up again and the kicks and screams come out. If that happens I send him to his room until he calms down and then we talk. I just ask him to tell me why he is upset. He will tell me the most random things that happened days/ hours ago that have made him mad, but mostly it's when Jer is gone and he wants him to come home.
    *sometimes he even goes to his room before I can tell him.

    Hope that helps! :)