Thursday, May 26, 2011

Confession Number 95: I'm Going

This past Tuesday afternoon I got a phone call from Mom and Lynn.

"Charli, there is a large tornado a mile west of Piedmont." 

I ran to the computer and found the live stream from an OKC television station.  It wasn't "large", it was HUGE and it was baring down on our previous home. 
I panicked. 
I yelled prayers to God.
I cried.
I called Dustin at work. 
I hit refresh on the radar.
I cried some more.
When I thought it was clear I started making calls.  No answers.
I panicked again, but I knew communications must be compromised.
Finally I got through and started making the way down my list.
Scott and Shelli?  Safe, no damage.
Matt and Nicci?  Saw it face to face, but safe with no damage.
Marcie?  Safe, no damage.
I also got from those I talked to who else was okay. 
The Glasgows?  Fine.
Dustin was working his phone, too.
The Samarripases?  Fine.
The Wyatts?  Fine.
Then finally he got a text from the ones we couldn't get in touch with.
The Caldwells.  "We are safe, but lost EVERYTHING."
The Johnsons, same story,
Their homes are completely gone with only a few bags of things that may or may not be salvagable. 
I'm headed home to Piedmont this weekend to help.  If you are in the Grove area and would like to help fill my truck, here are some things I'm looking to take:

Boys clothes size 3T
Boys shirts size XL
Boys pants size 8 slim
Boys toys for 3 year old and 7 year old
Girls clothes sizes 4 and 8
New towels and washcloths
New kitchen items
Bottled water
Work gloves
Trash bags
Ice chest
Gift cards

There has been tragedy all around us this spring.  What a great time for us to come together and lift each other. 

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