Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confession Number Seven: I Had Fun!

I had big plans for this post. BIG PLANS. "The Best of the Cotton Bowl" was going to be the title. It was going to be hilarious. The best and worst dressed of my Cotton Bowl experience, and let me tell you, it was an experience. There were pajama pants, plaid pants, neon orange hunting pants ("dija get one?") and even red legging pants. The last one was probably the worst. No one should stretch red lyrca across their bootie. No matter how young and cute that bootie might be, and she was young and cute....minus the red lycra. Then there were the fur coats and high heels. Talk about two ends of the spectrum. There were Ole Miss fans and OSU fans who were both going to make the list. It would have been perfect footage for What Not To Wear. Then, I guess God started working on my heart, telling me it would be mean. So, I tried to make their faces fuzzy, and I couldn't figure that out, so I decided to just do a post on how much fun we had. And we did have a great time!

We met some of our great friends down in Dallas for a fun filled weekend and a LOT of orange. Orange shirts, orange Pringles, even orange spray cheese made an appearance. Since we are used to an elaborate tailgate before Cowboy football games, we felt like we had to do something. I guess this is the TRUE meaning of tailgate party...

We even had enough room at our parking place to play a little football. I played around with this picture a little bit, and I kinda like it. I love how both of his feet are off the ground.

Of course, this is what kept the big boys entertained.

It really was a beautiful day. We all had on coats, but it wasn't too cold at all. We did visit another tailgate party so Jess could warm up by the grill. Besides, they had real food at their tailgate. Mmmm, pizza. No Redneck Nachos here. Redneck Nachos were a Dustin and Stan concoction. Quit fretting, here is the recipe for those yummy nachos: Take a Frito, I like Scoops for this, generously dip into Frito Lay Bean Dip. Fill the other end of the chip with spray cheese and enjoy! Evidently they are best served with Michelob Ultra or Shiner. Recommended serving size is about 3 Scoops...trust me...you don't want any more than that!

I will have to say, the highlight of the trip was visiting Cowboy Stadium, especially since the outcome of the game wasn't much fun for our group. Dustin and I had been there for a Dallas Cowboys game on his birthday, but it is such an incredible building, it is worth it to see it again. Debbie and I decided we loved the reflection of the cars on the side of the building. What a cool shot!

Okay, friends, I know I am a confused little girl when it comes to collegiate sports. I yell Boomer Sooner and make funny pistols with my hands, but I can't help it. It is only part of my identity crisis. I have equal parts crimson and orange in my closet. I actually wore an OU shirt New Years Eve and OSU New Years Day. Can you say Bipolar??? I am a honest to goodness example of one not being able to help who she fell in love with. I mean, look at him...

He's pretty cute, huh girls? Who could resist this face? Even if his favorite color is orange. So, here I am, a little over 7 years later, still spending August-December as confused as can be. Crimson? Orange? So many decisions. Well, this guy decided he was tired of making a choice....

Poor guy...at least I'm not that confused. I at least wear mine on different days.

Okay, I've been to a couple of SEC games before, but I have to say, I totally wasn't prepared for what the Runnin' Rebels brought. In the Big XII, when we ladies get ready for a ballgame, we throw on a pair of jeans and a "cute top", tie on our tennis shoes and call it good. Every once in a while, during hot games, I've wanted a cute little dress because they are so much cooler, but I have never seen anything the likes of these Ole Miss ladies. Let me preface these pics by saying, I'm really not trying to be mean. I was just having a hard time trying to figure out if we were at a football game or a gala event.

Notice the cute ruffled red jacket, 3 inch heels, and the fur draped over her arm. Whew!

I think these boots are super cute, but I'd hate to stand and cheer at a football game in them for 4 hours. I have to say, there were about 10 other shots of Ole Miss ladies dressed to the nines. I have to give them credit, they go all out for their team.

All in all, Dustin and I had a great weekend. At least he picked Ole Miss in the Bowl Pick'em game. It wasn't a complete loss, I guess.

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  1. I love the pics!!! At least I got to see the "mean" ones in person:) We had a great time regardless of the outcome of the game. I hope to see you again soon.