Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confession Number 18: I Ate My Words for Lunch

As you may have read here, we recently spent the weekend with Dustin's folks (AKA Mimi and Papa Jerry) in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I had been to Hot Springs one other time, about five years ago.  We went for a short weekend trip with some friends.  We all enjoyed the spa (even the boys) and the horse races.  I remember from that trip, seeing all the little kids at the horse races and thinking to myself (okay, I might have said it outloud to Brandi, but she understood), "Wow.  Bringing your kid to the race track.  That's a great family day.  Can't put your gambling on hold for just one day, huh?"  Well, this is one of many times in my two and a half years as a mother that I have eaten my words. 

Kennedy spent part of both days we were in Hot Springs at the horse racing track.  Not because I couldn't put my gambling on hold for a day, I didn't even place a bet, but because we thought she would like it.  She loves seeing the horses on her Weezie and Papa Lynn's farm, so we thought she might enjoy a day watching the ponies run.  She loved it!  And I actually didn't feel guilty about it one bit.  We took her down to see them up close, which she loved.

She even liked watching all the people.  She was so good.  I think as long as she was getting the attention of her Mimi and Papa Jerry, she was happy!

She's been attached to Dustin's side ever since she and I got back from the farm a couple of weeks ago.  Yep, she's a daddy's girl.  I wouldn't want it any other way, though.  There is something about seeing the man you love with his little girl.  It just makes your heart go pitter pat. 

Of course, she got a little sleepy....

So I had to take her to the car, where we then found a mall.  She sleeps well in her stroller at the mall.  Dang it.  I hate it when that Motherly Duty kicks in, don't you? 


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with taking your little one to see horses. Bear would have loved it.

    And mall napping? Well, you just wouldn't be a good mother if you didn't allow your child a good rest at the mall.

    On another note, I can't believe how big KJ is getting!

  2. Oh, we would have been all over that! Dacey and Aliza LOOOOOOOOOOOVE horses. LOVE!

    I eat my words daily. Sometimes many times a day.