Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm Getting Excited, Part 3

So, the house is moving VERY quickly right now.  I know it is going to slow down again, but I'm loving every minute of this pace.  This week we have picked out wall texture, pantry and garage interior doors, granite countertops, carpet, hard wood, tile and finalized cabinetry.  Whew!  What started out as a relaxed week on Sunday turned into craziness by the end of the week.  As for actual progress on the house, the whole house was dry walled and taped and bedded this week.  We may get texture on the walls as early as today, but no later than Monday.  The chimney and dormers were also completed.  Oh!  And brick was ordered.  I'm getting all pumped up just talking about it!

It is amazing the transformation from a bunch of sticks to a real house with dry wall.  You can actually see rooms and I can visualize our life inside.  Here are a few highlights from this week's progress....
Looking into the kitchen from the living room.  That wooden structure will be a huge island and that wall will have my nice, pretty six burner gas cooktop and be full of cabinets. 

Kennedy is showing off "KJ's new room".  The lighting wasn't working with me here.  The door on the left goes into a Jack and Jill bath.

Dining room and back patio door.

Upstairs family room.  Dustin has grand plans for that back wall and media.  We'll see. 

Another one of Dustin's favorite spots.  This is the fireplace in the living room.  It mirrors the wall in the above shot of the kitchen.  What?  Oh.  Yes, there is a big hole there.  That is for Dustin's flat screen TV.  I get 6 burners of gas madness and he gets a flat screen above the fireplace.  I think we are equally excited.  There will be built in cabinets on both sides and the fireplace is going to be stacked stone.  Don't worry.  There is a mantel with ample room so my Christmas stocking holders don't block the TV.  Yes.  I'm Clark Griswald.  We made lots of decisions based on my Christmas decorations.  I even have outlets in the soffets of the roof so I don't have to run extension cords.  Thanks to my builder's son, I even have them in each dormer so those can be lit, too.  Jay The Builder, Jared, his son, and Dustin made that decision all by themselves.  Aren't I working with a good bunch of boys?

So, there she is.  Dustin just said my "confession" was turning into an "obsession".  He's way too proud of himself for that one.  Next decisions involve plumbing and lighting fixtures and paint colors.  That last one has me a little bumfuzzled.  Advice anyone??

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  1. my color suggestion . . . neutral. use your "stuff" for color. i just finished the kitchen, breakfast room, "cock" room (you know what i'm talking about, charli) and entry like this and LOVE it!