Friday, March 19, 2010

Confession Number 21: It's an OSU Day

I want to apologize to all of my Sooner family and friends out there for this post.  I have officially been diagnosed with Bedlam Bipolar Disorder.  That being said, in our house, today is an OSU day.  Dustin would probably argue to say that we never have an OU day in our house, but it is just because he decides not to celebrate them.  Kennedy and I have plenty. 

We are smack dab in the middle of, argueably, the best two days in sports for the year, and yesterday was upset mania.  Let's just say, I've already lost an Elite Eight team.  Thanks for nuttin' Georgetown Hoyas.  Well, today the Cowboys make their March Madness debut.  Don't let us down Cowboys!  You are our only hope on the men's side!!  Both OSU and OU women play this weekend, so I'll be busy switching my shirts back and forth.  Don't worry, I have all my crimson and orange clean. 

In celebration of it being an OSU day, Kennedy and I decided it might be fun to be a Cowgirl Princess for the day.  She was so cute we headed outside for a photo shoot.  Here is how it turned out....

Mom, does this tutu make my bootie look big? 

Ahhhh!  The sun!

Ooops.  It is a little windy!

Oh no!  Mommy, What about our Sooners??

It's okay, we can wear our crimson when they play on Sunday. 
At least part of the day.  The Cowboys should play that day, too. 
Oh, the stresses of growing up in a Bedlam house. 

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  1. Check that. I had Gtown going to the finals. Whopsie!