Thursday, March 18, 2010

Confession Number 20: I Let Her Pick

My mom raised three girls to be strong, independent women.  As much as it may grate on our husband's nerves, at times, the three of us have our opinions, aren't afraid to voice them and to face just about any challenge thrown our way.  I love this about myself, and I love my mom for giving me this gift.  I have been thinking a lot lately about how to raise Kennedy to stand up for and do things herself.  Of course, the lesson of independence comes with raising a two-year old.  "No Mommy, I do it ALL BY MYSELF" has become one of Kennedy's favorite sentences.  I love it and it breaks my heart, all at the same time. One thing I have started doing in order to give her a bit more independence is to let her choose.  Pink outfit or the other pink outfit?  Strawberries or a banana?  Ponytail or piggy tails?  "I pick.....I pick......I pick.......".  She may change her mind, and that is okay.  Or sometimes it is not and you learn to live with your decision.  This is where this story begins.....

So, here we are, a happy little family out for a day in the "big city".  Our bellies are full with yummy Chinese food and we are ready to get our shop on.  We run into Target to pick up a few things...shower gel, an Easter basket, a shirt for Kennedy's Easter outfit. 

Then, it happened.  The Target Spell took over.  You know, the Spell that makes you throw random things into your cart?  That dang Spell caused a nuclear meltdown.  We passed an endcap of beach towels.  I've been on the lookout for good deals on beach towels pretty much since it turned cold.  We now live next to one of the most beautiful lakes in Oklahoma AND we have a swimming pool at our disposal.  I am SOOO excited!  They were $5, so I grab one to check out the feel and decide that they are worthy of soaking up the water on my tanned, perfectly toned body.  Sorry, I confused this story with a dream.  I'm back on track now.  So, I pick out a pink and orange polka dot towel and give KJ the choice between pink and orange stripes or blue and green polka dots.  Then she sees it.  Dang marketers.  The next aisle over had character towels.  Daddy said she could get one of those (READ:  more expensive) towels, so I gave her the choice....

KJ:  Dora, Dora, there's Dora and Boots! (reaching out to grab the Dora towel)
Me:  Yes.  Or you could have this Cinderella Princess towel. (Pulling out the Cinderella towel for her to see)
D:  Don't let her see that one!  Just put the Dora towel in the cart.
Me:  I let her pick.  It's one of the lessons of growing up.  Kennedy, do you want Dora or Cinderella?
KJ:  I pick, I pick, I pick (looking back and forth) Princess!
Me:  Okay, good choice (I'm all about reinforcement).  We will put the Dora towel back.
KJ:  Noooo!!!!!  I want Dora
Me:  Kennedy, you got to pick and you picked the Cinderella towel.  You can only get one.
D:  I told you so.
Me:  (Cutting my eyes at him) Zip it. 
D:  This is going to end up a blog post.
Me:  (Giving him a "look")  I. said. zip. it. 
KJ:  I want Dora.  I want Dora!  I want DOOOORRRRRAAAA!

~Okay, I'm going to pause here and say that Dustin and I can't STAND Dora.  She's annoying.  Her voice is like fingernails running down a chalkboard.  Yes.  I admit it.  I'm biased toward anything princess. ~

Me:  Okay, okay, quit screaming.  (Seeing Dustin start to get uncomfortable that she isn't being perfect in the store)  You get one towel, not two.  Would you like Dora or Cinderella? 
Me:  Okay, here is Dora.  Let's go.  (Obviously disapointed at her choice, but glad to let her have it)
D:  Told ya that would be a disaster.  (Sly smile on his face)
Me:  I like to let her choose.  It teaches her a lesson.  YOU are the one who told her she could have the more expensive towel.
D:  YOU are the one who said she could get something when we came in the store.  Yep.  I can just see it on your blog right now.

Dang men.  Here is Kennedy.  With her Dora towel.


  1. Could be worse. Could have been Sponge Bob.

  2. i give P choice's too...sometimes it does come back to bite me in the rear but i want him to learn how make a me, there are many nights we stand w/ the fridge open while he thinks about milk or oj.....

  3. Or Wiggles... (Robyn)