Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Confession Number 55: I Didn't Cry

I've been promising a post on Kennedy's first day of school for awhile.  I thought I would have all of this free time on my hands once she was at school two days a week.  Are you kidding me?  What was I thinking?  Yesterday was the first time I wasn't booked solid on a school day. 

School has been great for all of us.  It helps me to better appreciate the time I have with her when we are home and she loves the interaction and learning.  Now, if I could only remember to put a show and tell item in her backpack, we'd be all set.  Yesterday, she showed her lunchbox.  How sad is that?!? 

She was so excited on her first day.  We got all dressed up and she got her backpack and lunchbox....
She could barely get it off the hook.  Since then, she has mastered getting it down...and putting it on, "all by herself". 

Then we took the traditional First Day of School picture....

I can't help but wonder how long I'll get to do this before the eye rolling and refusal kicks in.  I'm thinking, um, 1st grade?  Her Weezie says she looks too little to go to school.  I think she looks like such a big girl. 

An exciting car ride, in which she wouldn't stop talking, later and we were finally there.  There she goes...
She absolutely loves it!  It totally and completely wears her out.  She is crashed by 8:00 on nights after she has been at school.  She's learned lots of new songs, how to speak in front of others, and apparently how to hold hands with Dakota.  More to come on that story, later. 

As for right now, Dustin and I can proudly say, we made the right decision.  She is loving it and two days a week is perfect for her.  Whew!  Another parenting obstacle overcome....and I didn't even shed a tear!

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