Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Confession Number 36: I Finally Took Pictures

For all of you out there who have been waiting to see pictures of the house post move in (especially the crazy striped wall in KJ's room) you may now put your voices to rest.  I have heard your cries again and again and finally took the camera out tonight.  Now, the house is by no means "finished".  Meaning we are not finished unpacking, and we've still had sub contractors in and out to fix or finish this or that.  These pictures will give you a great idea, of how we have decorated the far.

The kitchen featuring my obsession with Fiesta pottery and the most extravagant purchase in the whole house, the chalkboard pantry door on the far left.
The living room wall that mirrors the above kitchen wall, complete with Dustin's pride and joy (although not such a joy to hang), the 58" flat screen TV.  We aren't finished working on the shelves, just yet.  I think we are going to move them around a bit and make more taller than others. 
Quite possibly our favorite room in the house, the upstairs bonus room.  There isn't much furniture, but holy smokes, there are a ton of toys.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE not having to pick up toys every night. 
I'm even going to show the not so pretty.  This is our front bedroom.  Possibly for another little Matthews one day, however, now it is being used for garage sale storage. 

The guest bedroom and bath.  It still needs lots of work.  We haven't hung a thing on the walls and we need some sort of console table.  This is a brand new bed, mattress and bedding, though.  I can only do so much in a week and a half. 
KJ's bath.  This picture really doesn't do it justice.  It is very, very cute...and bright.  I love all of the colors!  This bath is a Jack and Jill style with the vanity separated from the shower. 
Now, the room a lot of you have been asking about for weeks.  Miss Kennedy's room. 

Three of the walls are solid light green and the largest wall is striped with three shades of pink, two greens and white.  I did it all by hand and let me tell you, it was a killer.  Just ask my chiropractor! 

So, that is it.  Well, the high parts, anyway.  Of course, it is still a work in progress, but hopefully we will have it all finished soon.  Thanks for following me through this process.  The apartment was rough at times, but it was all worth it.  We are loving our new home!


  1. cute cute cute!!! and dont even get my husband started on stripes.....we painted stripes in parker's new room and it was a pain!!!!! but it soooo cute! you did more stripes than him so im sure it was a pain....BUT SUPER CUTE!!!!