Sunday, June 20, 2010

Confession Number 41: I Love Father's Day

I've spent years dreading Father's Day.  2001 was the worst.  The first Father's Day without your own Daddy has a special sting to it.  I wasn't quite sure what to do.  I didn't have a phone call to make or anyone to visit.  I didn't have someone to buy presents for or to hug and kiss on the cheek.  It just kinda sucked.  2002 was better.  Dustin and I were engaged, busy planning our wedding that would happen in September, and I remember thinking that I now had a father-in-law to honor on that special day in June.  That was okay.  A good consolation prize, I guess. 

Then came Father's Day 2007.  My belly was big and my heart was full.  I was especially sad that we couldn't share the joy that was about to happen in our lives with Daddy, but I had a new emotion on this special day.  The thought that I now had a reason to celebrate, truly celebrate, Father's Day again, this time with my husband.

The last few years in June have been wonderful.  I have watched the love of my life grow to be an amazing, loving, caring father.  He sits down and drinks imaginary tea, plays Barbies and Candyland, and is an expert in helping our little girl step into her princess gown and high heel shoes.  A week or so ago, he even (after almost 3 years of practice) dressed her in an outfit that matched, including shoes and hair bow.  That bow got him mega points with his friend Micah, who is only days away from entering Baby Girl Daddyhood himself.  Dustin has given a new life to my Father's Day.  Thank you for being the best Daddy to our little girl and for being a wonderful leader of our family. . . And thanks for giving me Father's Day back.  I love you!

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