Monday, June 21, 2010

Confession Number 42: Momma is Possessive

Shortly after we woke up this morning:

Dustin:  Do we have muffin mix?
Me:  I'm not making muffins this morning.
Dustin:  Well, aren't you happy?
Me:  I'm just saying I'm not fixing muffins this morning.  I'm going upstairs.

Since moving into our new house, I have started a morning routine of getting up about the same time Dustin does for work (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and going upstairs for "Momma Time".  I do some situps, read my devotional and have my prayer time, then kill time checking email, updating the blog, etc until Kennedy wakes up.  It's my time.  My quiet time.  My chance to rev myself up for the day.  To wake up a little bit and take some time doing things for myself.  As you other mommas out there know, you don't get much of that in a given day.

I guess I've become kind of possessive of Momma Time.  At least that is probably what my hubby thought this morning.  Sorry, hun.  Next time I'll say it a bit nicer.  I didn't have eggs, anyway. 


  1. I like how Dustin equates your happiness with your willingness to make muffins. :P

  2. Nic, I think it was more my "tone". I hate "tone".

  3. To defend my own good was entirely about "tone". I wish there was a font you could use for "tone". :)