Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confession Number 43: I'm Retaculous

The last few days have been a little crazy around here.  I'm not quite sure why, except for the fact that KJ and I have been pretty much entertained with this, that or the other since we moved into the house, but the last couple of days we have returned to somewhat of normalcy.  Normal has been anything but.  I've forgotten how we were used to spending our days and I think both of us have had a hard time adjusting and our attitudes have shown it. 

A few days ago I told Kennedy to do something and she looked at me, hands on her hips, and exclaimed, "That is retaculous!"  I asked her to repeat what she said, and at the wise old age of almost three, she has learned that she might not want to say it again with the fear of getting in trouble, so she simply states, "I don't 'member, momma".  Hmm.

The next day it happened again.  "This is retaculous!"  This time it was directed toward a toy that she couldn't get to do what she wanted.  Retaculous.  Oh!  I get it!  Ridiculous.  I couldn't help but giggle.  It has happened a couple of times each day this week and while I know I "should" probably get on to her, I just can't quite get over the smile that comes across my face each time.

This morning........

Me:  Ken, come sit in your chair for breakfast.
K:  Ahhhh, I wanna watch Imagination Movers!
Me:  I'll pause it so you can watch it after you eat.
K:  (Huffing and puffing to the table)  You are retaculous!
Me:  (Sly smile, even though she just back talked dare she)  Really?
K:  Yes! 
Me:  Okay, Daddy, did you just hear what Kennedy told me?

It took Dustin a minute, then he laughed, then proceeded to get on to her for talking to Mommy that way.  At least one of us is with it enough to discipline.  THAT is what is retaculous.


  1. too funny! parker heard me say stupide ants! a while back when we had a little ant issue and now when we are outside and he sees one, he says, tupid ants! too cute :)

  2. I'm totally stealing that word for every day use.