Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confession Number Nine: Hello, My Name is Charla and I'm a Complainer

I may complain about not having a house of our own. I may complain about using my brain power for nothing more than constructing a "high tower" with Kennedy and her blocks. I may complain about the subcontractors not working in subzero weather to build my house. How dare they want to stay warm! I may complain about having to cook and clean up three meals a day. I may complain that my washing machine is rusting and I'm being taken over with laundry until the new one gets here. I complain a lot. Too much. Hello, my name is Charla and I'm a complainer.

I really don't have anything worth complaining about. I'm so blessed. I'm blessed to have a home and doubly blessed to be building a new one that many people would only dream about. I'm blessed to be able to share in the little, daily moments with my daughter. I've learned so much about her in the last few months. I'm blessed to have enough clothes to make it a week and a half without a washing machine! My point being is that God is good!!! And, boy, have we all been reminded of his blessings lately. I often wonder why God decided that I can live a life where I actually consider complaining about cooking and cleaning up three healthy meals a day, while millions of people are living in horrible poverty, not even knowing if they will get clean drinking water today. not knowing if their family members are dead or alive. Not knowing how to get health care for their children. But the complaining still seeps out every now and then. I guess it is human nature.

One of the things that I get down in the dumps about quite often is that when we packed up all of our belongings and hiked it up I-44 we made the space between our friends and families even greater. Well, this past weekend we were reminded that a few hours on the turnpike is nothing and that spending time with old friends and family is one of the greatest blessings God has given us.

We made a whirlwind trip around Oklahoma this weekend seeing a handful of friends and spending lots of time with our wild and crazy family. The weekend started with a date night for us while Kennedy got all caught up with Marcie, Hannah and Dalton. She had sooo much fun! It is crazy to think that Marcie hadn't seen her since her birthday party. When we left I looked over at Dustin and for the 1000th time mentioned how wonderful it was to have someone we loved so much be able to keep our girl day in and day out. I miss her!! I respect her even more now. We love you Ms. Marcie!

Next, we were able to spend the night at Hotel Smith. KJ absolutely loves spending time with Scott, Shelli and "Sawser". I'm starting to wonder if Kennedy is more excited to play with Sawyer or all of Sawyer's toys. It is like Toys R Us exploded in their house. The girls absolutely drug out everything and it didn't matter at all. I loved it! Shelli and I even got to spend some time doing what we do best....wandering about Target. I couldn't help but get a few fun shots of Miss Sawyer Grace. She's growing up so fast. She's quite a thinker........

I'm not quite sure she can do anything without those fingers in her mouth, though. :-) I know a little something about the obsession little girls have with their fingers. I get lost in those blue eyes. Whew! You better get that shot gun ready, Scott. Of course, she may keep all of the boys away with those "go to...." looks she shoots every once in a while.

After a fun night and morning in Piedmont we skedattled on down HE Bailey to my parent's farm in Bray. It was Papa Lynn's 65th birthday and Weezie had planned quite the little surprise party for him. After a ton of little white lies to get him out of the house, we finally arrived to a whole host of family members there to help wish him Happy Medicare Day! Do you think we had our hands full with all of these kiddos.......Oh, and don't forget this one....Doesn't he just ooze boy? And orneriness? And cuteness? And once again, those blue eyes...oh, those eyes!! Finally, Papa Lynn got to see his birthday cake Mom had worked so hard on getting just right. Everyone sang Happy Birthday...except for Kennedy who sang the ABC's. Hmmm. She still has a little to learn.Here is the sweet little couple....I don't even WANT to know what "sweet nothings" she is whispering in his ear! Well, Weezie, at least we know your cake was a hit. Kennedy loved it! And momma hated the red icing! Look at that hand holding the spoon... Can you see it? Tucked in there between her thumb and fingers? Yep, her whole palm was red, not to mention her face. I promise that is icing and not a bloody nose! Note to self: red icing is almost as bad as black.

We had a great time, even at Lynn's expense. Here is Heather presenting her Daddy with a "toast" for his 65th Birthday....The ladies even had a great time. I'm not sure what Mom and Margie found so funny, but this shot was too cute not to share. The evening was FULL of family. Even crazy family. Well, my family is always crazy. It is just part of who we are. We all had a great time helping celebrate a special event. It was worth the trip. Our weekend didn't end there. From Bray we went to Shawnee, where we spent time with Dustin parents, Mimi and Papa Jerry. Why is it that when a kid enters the picture, parents become Momma and Daddy and grandparents lose their names, too? Hmmm. They had come up to spend the weekend with Dustin's aunt and uncle and cousins. Wow. Did Kennedy have a great time or what! She kept Maddie and Dalton on their toes all day Sunday! Playing with all their Dollar Tree finds and hide and go seek were a big part of the day. I hate that we only see them a couple of times a year. I guess that part of the trip was way busy, because I didn't even get a single picture! I'll try better next time, I promise!

Well, you see, I am quite the complainer when things don't go my way, but the truth is there is not a whole lot to complain about. I am surrounded by the ones I love, have food, water, shelter and we are all healthy. We truly are blessed. I'm not going to promise to stop complaining all together, that might be impossible (and Dustin wouldn't know what to do), but I do promise to spend more time focusing on the blessings in my life and thanking God for what he has given.

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  1. Your mom looks so good (and so HAPPY!) In all those years since we were in junior high, she really hasn't changed! Be sure to tell her "hi" from me next time you see her! ~Robyn (Barnes) Little