Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obsession: Children's Books

When I first started teaching, my mother-in-law gave me some good advice. She told me to become best friends with the custodians, cafeteria workers and the librarians. All were a great help during my teaching years, but I took her words to heart particularly with the librarian. Okay, so she was a bestie even before she was the librarian, but that makes our relationship even more special. Over the years of our friendship she has reinspired my love for reading (even if it is smut), held my hand through lots of research (and fights with the lamination machine) while I was teaching, and, most recently, introduced me to some amazing books for Kennedy. She's gotten Kennedy some great books, right from the beginning. She introduced us to these...

Of which Kennedy now yells and whispers during "Quiet Loud".

And for Kennedy's 2nd birthday she got her this book...

It has some great illustrations...

Kennedy loves the little claymation kids. She just looks at all the pictures and sing to herself.

I found out that Nicci was selling this brand of books, Usborne Books. They specialize in children's books. Even The Pioneer Woman loves them. So, back in the fall I ordered a bunch and gave a few out to friends at Christmas, and saved quite a few for Miss KJ. We got this one...

Kennedy loves turning the hands on the clock. And we got these...

She loves looking at the cute illustrations, but I love that it is helping her with word association, even at 2! But, her favorite is this sticker book.... She LOVES it. You can tell by the bent up edges and stickers protruding out. She will play and play and play. She plays with this sticker book while I cook dinner. Almost every night. Since Christmas. Not bad for $6, right moms? This is her favorite page...
I wish we could jump into this summer picnic with all of the nasty weather coming.

Should I be concerned that she has this pretty little girl double fisting it? In her underwear? Nope. That's iced tea she's drinking, right?

Kennedy loves this sticker book so much, that I decided to buy her some more for Valentine's Day. Then, I decided to host an e-show. So, if you would like to look at all of the awesomeness of Usborne books, check out their site (you have until Feb. 4th). They ship right to your house, super duper fast. Want the whole site? Click on Nicci's email on the site above and she'll hook you up with your own eshow! Now how fancy is that?


  1. Note: The QuietLoud and BigLittle books are not Usborne. :-(

  2. Your librarian hearts you. <3

  3. No, they aren't but we love them anyway!