Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Confession Number Eight: I'm Turning Into a Tree Hugger

I know, I know. I'm turning into one of "those" people. I'm going to start wearing big, long flowy skirts and let my hair grow way long. Okay, maybe not, but this morning, as I was cleaning, it dawned on me that I really was turning into someone who is, at the very least, environmentally conscience. What? Me? The one who drives an Avalanche and dumps her excess cooking grease on the ground out behind the apartment? Yep. Sigh. It's amazing what you'll do to make the world a better place for someone you love.....

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not going off the deep end with this. I live by the Rachel Ray motto....everything in moderation. However, I try to incorporate easy things in our everyday life that really don't change the way we live at all. I have reusable shopping bags, we recycle, I buy "green" products when I can (and when they aren't crazy expensive), I buy some organic foods, we even own a Hybrid. I figure one Hybrid and one gas guzzling truck offset each other in the world of being eco-friendly. It's like owning one, normal, American made sedan, right?? Okay, maybe my rational doesn't really add up, but the point is that I'm trying.

This morning, while I was on a mini-cleaning spree, I started thinking that there had to be other ways that we could be greener. I was thinking this as I was pouring bleach into the kitchen sink to sanitize Kennedy's blocks....don't ask. I use vinegar to clean the coffee pot, I even used it to clean my microwave today (heat a cup or two of water with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar to boiling in the microwave, then just wipe with a rag), but could I use it, or some other natural source to kill germs? Turns out I can! Now, that won't make my life any more difficult, but it will help....even if just a little bit.

I have found some green products that I love! As any of you mothers out there know, I literally go through a bottle of laundry spot remover every other week...and I only have one kid! This spray seriously works just as well as the other brands I have tried and is made from plant based products. Pretty cool!

So, no, I'm really NOT turning into some crazy lady, but I figure I can do my part to leave the world a little bit better. What is your favorite green tip?


  1. Vinegar is a GREAT non-toxic cleaner. I use it for tons of things. I think you'll find that once you start to take a few steps in a more eco-friendly direction, you might realize you like it and it makes you feel good about how you spend your money and your time.

    You have a long way to go before you get to crazy, my dear.

    Also? That shot of Kennedy is PRECIOUS.

  2. Let's see if this works this week... This note is perfect timing since just this week I about gave myself chemical burns in my lungs while Trying to clean something with bleach spray that had already been cleaned with something else (Ajax?). The fumes chased me out of the house! Thanks for the smart solutions. Plus, I love the pic of KJ!

  3. Nothing wrong with a little tree hugging! And I agree with Megan. You are a very long way from are being responsible! Hooray for you!
    PS-Cute legacy!

  4. So funny you posted this . . . I was just looking for homemade cleaning products recipes the other day. I've got a list if you want them.

    I'm doing it not in a tree-hugging way, but in a money saving way. I've turned into one of those other people . . . I got paid .30 to take two boxes of spaghetti from Homeland yesterday.