Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confession Number Ten: She's Figured Me Out

A couple of weeks ago it was colder than a well digger's hello kitty around here. I would blame it on Dustin moving us to the Arctic Circle, but, well, it was dang cold just about everywhere. It amazes me that in the fall we think 60 is chilly and in the winter 40 sometimes feels down right amazing. That is how cold it was here. We are talking -4 degrees, people! 25 would have felt great.

It was so cold that KJ and I spent the better part of a week stuck indoors. I guess I should just be happy that we didn't have to get out in the cold, cold weather. After a couple of days I started getting a little cabin fever. This sickness is normal anytime I don't get out of the house to at least fight the crowds at the grocery store or wander around the Walgreens cheap gifts section. I think Kennedy was getting it, too. We were grouchy and tired of coloring and playing blocks. So, in my infinite wisdom I sat her down in my lap one afternoon (because this was also about the time she started looking at me and laughing when I said it was naptime) and pulled out the laptop. We pittaled (okay, I think that is a word, my mom thinks that is a word, so it is a word. For those of you not from Bray, that means killing time) around awhile and finally settled on PBS Kids online. I didn't realize the extent of what I had done until just the other night....

"Puwease mommy...play Elmo game, Puwease" Notice the look on my face. That is the "Oh, no. What have I done, face".

"I don't think so Kennedy, it is bedtime. Maybe you and mommy can play Elmo tomorrow." "Puuuwease mommy, puuuuwease" Enters big pout face. "Puuuuwease". I swear, this went on for several minutes. Okay, maybe we drug it out for a while, but it was so stinkin' cute! Who can say no to the pout face?

"Okay, Kennedy, we'll play Elmo once."

"Yea, mommy, yea!!! K play Elmo game!!! Tank you mommy!! Yea!"

Yep.....she's got me all figured out. Sigh.

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  1. What a little pumpkin.

    Those of us not from Bray but from Nashvegas agree that it's totally a word (but we spell it "piddled" in TN).