Friday, January 7, 2011

Confesion Number 71: A Deja Vu Kind of Morning

A few months ago Dustin and I decided to buy up some of the lots surrounding our house.  They were a great investment for Dustin and for me they were insurance that we were going to have some physical space around our home. 
Fast forward a month or so later and some good friends of ours approached us about wanting to build a house in the neighborhood.  As soon as Dustin mentioned it to me, the first words out of my mouth were, "I want them to buy the lot next door!".  Dustin agreed and after a night of visiting the decision was made.  It was official.  They were joining, what I lovingly refer to as, "the curve". 
You see, we live along the back street of our neighborhood, smack dab in the middle of a big U in the street.  All but two houses that surround us have small kids. Maybe I should rephrase that.  All but two houses that surround us have small GIRLS.  Ten girls in five houses.  LOTS of young estrogen on our street.  To say that our street is girly is an understatement.  This past summer the girls across the street were having, what I thought was a lemonade stand over the 4th of July.  Um, no.  It was a makeover stand.  See what I mean???
We've become more and more excited about the neighbors moving in and building because of many reasons, but one is that they are adding three kids to the mix, two of which are boys.  While I feel somewhat sad that Jackson (the 5 yr old) is destined to a life of princess dresses and makeover stands, I'm super excited for Sam (the 5 month old) and Baby Brother to have each other to help fight off all of the girlyness around here.  I can't wait for the path to form between our back doors and for the joint parties I'm sure that will be taking place. 
Here was the scene outside our upstairs window this morning....

It brought back tons of memories of our own building experience.  We are on almost exactly the same timeline as them (you can read about our own building experience here, then follow the "I'm Getting Excited" series).  We know their anticipation, frustration and excitement.  Hopefully we can be a good source for them to vent it all!  Happy Building Morrow Family!  And welcome to the neighborhood!

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  1. There aren't words to describe our excitement of becoming a offical resident of "the curve" in Buffalo Shores. We are so blessed to not only to have "good neighbors" but people who are true friends that can be our third pair of eyes when the kids are in the street or if we need a cup of sugar, some eggs, and a gallon of milk. We will just keep praying for a good winter and get in the new house before our current home explodes not to mention my moms attic.
    Thanks for the kind and encouraging words and I will see on the next drive by!!
    Megan Morrow