Monday, January 10, 2011

Confession Number 72: January Isn't My Favorite

Brrrr.  It's cold here in our neck of the woods this morning and it looks like it is only going to get worse.  I've never been a big fan of winter.  I was an educator for Pete's sake.  What teacher says, "oh, I just LOVE January!"?  None.  Not one.  We LOVE June and July and some of us even like August.  But January?  Ummm.  Not so much.

Our first true taste of cold winter weather is moving in this week, complete with a dusting of snow, and I have to say, I'm not too excited about it.  I have things to do, people to see and a kid to take to preschool.  I'd really rather not do it with morning lows hovering around 9 degrees!! 

In the spirit of not being totally pessimistic on this Monday morning, I will admit that, yes, there is something magical about getting in some snuggle time with your significant other or little one in front of the fire, watching a movie, drinking something warm and frothy as the first snowflakes cover the ground.  I do love watching Kennedy's face as we play in the fluffy white stuff.  And it is pretty as it is falling on the trees and covering the grass.  I guess it isn't so bad, after all. 

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