Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confession Number 77: I'm Being a Stay at Home Mom Today

I took a shower this morning and slid into some super comfy black lounge maternity pants and a grey t-shirt.  My feet went back into the new grey slippers I bought myself for Christmas.  My hair is still a mess and my make up has remained in it's bag.  At least I took the time to brush my teeth before kissing Dustin off to work.  You see, KJ and I are staying home. 

Since moving into our new home my stay at home mom routine has changed drastically.  There are chores to be done, errands to be ran and appointments to go to.  It seems like I'm always too busy doing everything else to do what I quit my "job" to stay home and do, which is to spend time with Kennedy.  To love on her and play with her and watch her grow and learn.  Our new routine works for us on most days, but there are times when we just need to slow down and have a play day.

That is exactly what we are doing today.  We've shared a yummy breakfast and danced to the Mickey Mouse theme song.  Later, we are going to do Valentine crafts and puzzles and this afternoon we'll decorate some cupcakes I had thrown in the freezer.  At some point we'll get her letter sack done for school tomorrow and we might even get dinner fixed for tonight.  So, honey, I'm sorry, but the house won't be spotless when you get home and the laundry probably isn't going to get done today (except for maybe the towels we NEED washed desperately), but I'm spending the day doing exactly what we wanted me to do almost two years ago when we made this decision:  Being Mom to our daughter. 

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