Thursday, January 20, 2011

Confession Number 78: Here We Go Again!

Editor's Retraction:  Dustin came home for lunch yesterday and said, "you make me sound like a slave driver!" in response to a comment I made in yesterday's post on how the house wasn't going to be spotless when he got home.  In his defense, I would like to clear the air.  He, in no way, shape, or form requires a spotless house.  Actually, our house is never spotless, even if I did spend the day cleaning.  Oh, and that load of towels I said needed to be done?  They are still sitting in the hamper in the bathroom.  Yay for productivity!!  Ha!

January has hit again, and as I speak, fine little icy snow flakes are falling outside.  Dustin has already measured 3" of the white stuff in our front yard this morning.  I have to say, if I'm going to be stuck inside because of the weather, this is what I want.  It truly looks like a winter wonderland out my back windows.  It is simply beautiful, although I feel terrible for the little squirrel running around from tree to tree.  I sure hope he has a stash of nuts somewhere!  Maybe I should throw him a pecan.  Or an almond.  You think squirrels eat almonds?

I haven't moved too fast this morning, sitting here in my big fluffy robe with the fire going, half caff coffee in hand.  It is just kind of a slow day, although I do have high hopes for at least getting that pesky load of towels washed.  I'm nothing if I'm not ambitious.  I am planning a little Toy Story, Wii playing and, of course, snow playing.  But then what?  Chances are we'll be stuck inside tomorrow, too.  So, what to do then?  Here is my plea to all of you parents out there...What are your favorite snow day activities?  Once you can't watch another movie and you have exhausted all of the video game playing there is, then what?  I'm sure DHS would frown on me locking KJ outside.  I promise I would throw her a nut.  Of course, she might have to fight the squirrel. 

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