Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Confession Number 74: I'm Speed Cleaning

We got a call from a great friend of Dustin's family last night saying that he was in the area and wanted to come up and see us.  We love Mike dearly and miss seeing him even more since he and his wife Janie made like geese and migrated toward the warmer weather, and their kids, in south Texas.  Dustin told him to get his butt up here and Mike said, "Great!  I'll be there around 11 tomorrow". 

Thankfully the house wasn't horrible.  Not great, but not horrible.  So, I'm in speed cleaning mode this morning because the problem with having a brand new house is that everyone wants the grand tour.  It is amazing what making the beds and sweeping the floors can do for a house.  I can't spend much more time here this morning, because I still need to get my Cinderella on, but I'm dying to know, what is your "clean house in a hurry" trick?  I think I'll need to resort to them more and more once Baby Brother comes and deep cleaning gets pushed to the back burner.

Who am I kidding?  Deep cleaning is ALWAYS pushed to my back burner!


  1. My trick is...ready...wait for it...CAFFEINE! ;) Are you surprised! My poor little girl is going to come out with the jitters! Good luck, honey!


  2. I'm not recommending this for adult use, but when I was in college, we would have "room checks" for our campus housing apartment. Our speed cleaning trick involved gathering everything lying around that need to be picked up and all the dirty dishes that needed to be washed and putting them in the oven. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I'm not proud.

  3. keep an empty laundry basket (or two) handy to throw clutter into. the trick is to EMPTY the basket once everyone is gone! i never seem to get that far, tho.

    Cindy anne