Monday, January 31, 2011

Confession Number 82: We Were Busting with Pride

We spent a marvelous weekend at the farm with Weezie and Papa Lynn.  Tons of fun!  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Perfect for us to get some much needed outdoor playtime, but yesterday reality struck and we realized that the weather isn't always perfect in Oklahoma and that we must return to the hustle and bustle of our regular lives, so we jumped in the truck and started heading back up I-44.

Arriving in Tulsa shortly after lunch time, we decided to stop at one of our favorite little cafes to grab a bite to eat.  It was nearly 1:00 and the church crowds were out in full force.  We didn't have to wait for a table, but the restaurant was crowded.  Luckily, we didn't have to wait long for our food and were chowing down on some yummy home cookin' in no time. 

Toward the end of the meal an older couple who had been sitting near us started to leave, but the gentleman decided to stop by our table first.  He tapped me on the shoulder....

Him:  Excuse me, ma'am?
Me:  Yes, sir?
Him:  We just wanted to stop and tell you what a well behaved young girl you have.  She has been just about perfect since you came in and we wanted you to know that.

Well, you should have seen how big and puffy Dustin's and my chests got with pride. 

Me:  Why, thank you sir!  How nice of you to notice that, well, yes, actually we ARE the world's perfect parents and we have raised, quite possibly, the most perfect child since Jesus himself walked on this earth. 

Okay, so maybe that was all in my head.  Of course, Dustin and I were very gracious and praised KJ on what a good girl she was and how other people had noticed what a good girl she was.  We then quickly finished our meal and headed back out to the truck.  Talking about our plans to head to the furniture store to find KJ a brand new big girl bed. 

Once in the truck she promptly stuck a pin in the pride balloon Dustin and I were carrying around as she cried and whined and threw a fit because we wouldn't let her play on the ipad.  Kids.  They sure do keep you honest, don't they? 


  1. 1. She was VERY well behaved when we went to lunch together. She's just precious.
    2. Your chest may be "big and puffy," but that's pregnancy--not pride. :P

  2. doesnt it just make you feel good when complete strangers tell you what a well mannered little kid you have??? i love the compliants that we get from parker, not all the time mind you, but they are very impressed that he says thank you and you're welcome......ahhh, its the little things!